UFC 243 Preview, Adesanya vs. Jon Jones, GSP vs. Khabib | Live Chat, Ep. 1 | Luke Thomas

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UFC 243: Robert Whittaker vs. Israel Adesanya is this weekend. We'll preview that fight as well as the card including the co-main event between Al Iaquinta and Dan Hooker. UFC President Dana White is giving lip service to Adesanya potentially fighting Jon Jones and even Georges St-Pierre (GSP) facing UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. We'll discuss that plus Bellator 229 and whatever else is on your mind.

This is The Luke Thomas Live Chat, episode 1.

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Lannel Bishop says:

Luke Thomas and many BJJ practitioners have finally realized the true value of JUDO, the ability of doing jiujitsu without crippling yourself or your friends while developing superior techniques.

Kevin Bryant Sr. says:

Gordon Ryan will never be in the UFC because of U.S.A.D.A.

Aden john says:

You should smoke weed

MrFinstaad says:


Andrew Skratt says:

lukes diarrhea mucus whisky farts r legendary

snorlaxcom says:

Live chat is back, uh? Not surprised, motha fucka!

AzurTheGreat says:

tony ferguson the type of guy to pull over a police officer for speeding.

AzurTheGreat says:

Where do Kevin Lees holes fit into all of this?

Dave Barry says:

With regards to your comment on various diets and Layne Norton. The prevalent thought within the fitness community is this: As long as total calories and protein are equated, it really doesn't make a big difference in what you do with the remaining fat/carbs as far as losing weight (looking to lose fat and maintain LBM) when looking at 12+ months so long-term. For example, when I set-up 'diets' for clients I don't prescribe what I think is best but rather the style (Atkins, Paleo, keto, vegan, etc) that allows for the person to adhere to the plan best with the least amount of work to create the caloric deficit. This is what Layne meant with the comment he made.

Next, I have the client get bloodwork at the beginning on any plan and minimally at the 6-month mark to be sure that the plan is improving their blood values so we objective data along with the subjective information to help decide if we should continue or move to another 'style' of eating.

BravingTheOutDoors says:

I think Kevin Lee will look good in the first round but over time he won't be able to compete with Gregor Gillespie and I actually think there's a good chance for either a finish or 10-8 rounds.
Kevin is brave. I'll give him that… but he's an athlete, not a fighter.

hjackbull says:

What is your background in MMA? Your knowledge and insights when you talk shop are insane. You bring a whole new level of detail that I never even thought about in regards to fights. Makes me appreciate the sport and the stars so much more!

Talal Altamimi says:





John Sirko says:

Boring……. you bring up not picking a fight but then you talk about it which is doing just that…….

Ben B says:

Does even 5% of listeners listen for 80 minutes? I like your show a little for the several I have looked in on. take out all the emopitoins and you can cut the time down in half. took 15 minutes to talk about ariel and MMA hour? could have capped it off in 2 minutes. just the facts quick and simple no 13e minutes of emotions

A Rahimi says:

46:15 for khabib vs gsp time stamp but he says 2 words about it only. misleading title.

Chalon Bembry says:

Luke keep doing these videos they make my week!!!!!!

great ness says:

Ariel hewani is a drama bitch

tintinesk5 says:

As if I know what this fuss is all about ? As if ? 😉 Great job as always, Luke. You have integrity, humbleness and expertise, thank you.

rxp56 says:

Zzzzzzz this is the part of Luke I dislike. If you want to be a serious journalist, leave MMA

Michael Glenn says:

If memory sevres me correctly it was in fact the Notorious one who dethroned that wretch at Featherweight, not Max

Chester Sykes says:

Luke – Is it true Ariel always used your milk (but never bought any) in the staff fridge? I hear he stole New York Ric's deli meat a lot and refused to buy the tea bags b/c he said he didn't drink tea (re. Marc Rimondi).

M C says:

Your the man Luke

John Holmes says:

My friend is allergic to his cats. Maybe your not sick, but allergic to Live Chat and all these donks questions. 😂

Chris Wade says:

Great to see you back at it Luke👍🏻

John Holmes says:

@31:42, I could never watch "The Schmo". His schtick is annoying and tacky and the voice he uses is unbearable. He's like a bootleg Martin Short character that was too sucky for SNL.

I watched one interview he had that was promoted or I wanted to watch. I saw it, and never again. It was so hard to watch, I forget the interview, who he interviewed, all I remember is him, his mouth open to show his choppers and that annoying as hell voice.

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