Uncalled Cheap Shots

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Joe Splif says:

Did they not make the football team they look like a half of a defensive line

Garrison Cantrell says:

If i was on that maroon team I wouldve got right up and punched number 42 and 34 right in the mouth.

HexagramMan says:

Boo hoo the kids game had kids playing it. Pfff

The man the myth The legend says:

The fat guy should be banned

coquillo 96 says:

Fat boy is in the wrong sport

Juicy Smollett says:

Looked like basketball before this millennium

Rommel Legacy says:

i did not know pigs can play basketball

Dave C Folstad says:

Man every team got that one bulk you be careful with. Maybe your coach gotta tell him to shoot outside and go big vs big at the rim. Also the ref kept his cool like he wasn’t worried about losing control of the game and props to some those young men taking blows like that.

Rowdy says:

You’re surprised that the fat kid wearing combat boots is fouling?

Rock With Rev says:

I played against a guy like that and broke his nose with an elbow. He cried like the bitch he was

Triangle lets plays and more says:

Oh ref that was a hold? Okay punk you too

Triangle lets plays and more says:

Cowards, I'll slap Sparks out of his mouth.

Dale Rittenhouse says:

I'm surprised someone hasn't retaliated against these punks. What a disgrace.

Michael Dow says:

Coach should be ashamed.of himself and fired

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