Worst Cheap Shots In NFL History || HD

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All NFL Content i use is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.


Seth Feldhuhn says:

0:55 Payton started that, or am I tripping?

quint1968 says:

QBs should be considered running backs after they cross the LoS. No special slide Bullshit.

NBA NBA says:

I am myles garret and i approve this message

Harley Grit says:

rough-hit that dog killer Vick ALL DAY LONG!!!

Amy Martinez says:

bruh half of these are vontez burfict

Ryan R says:

NFC is so much harder than the AFC lmao

Jacob Engst says:

Where’s the saints vs Brett in 2009???

Adrian Davila says:

Mason rodulph asked for it. It was over and he started to hitting again. But gr8 vid

Marcelo R. Tosatti says:

Why dirty players went from Pittsburgh Steelers??

Marc Bourdaries says:


Bray11 says:

2:26 real reason y trubisky sucks

Solen Mahan says:

San Francisco is a bunch of punks all the time

August Meyer says:

This makes me mad

NewJersey SportsFan1971 says:

Missing in this compilation is the worst cheap shot in NFL history when George Atkinson clotheslined Lynn Swann from behind in '76.

Jon Schulz says:

Anyone who has played defense and offense knows that you have to follow through, to commit to a tackle or pass breakup be for the ball is in the wide receivers hands is necessary. How can I stop my move if I don't know or can't react in time to whether or not the receiver touched the ball or not. Also why can I as a running back lead with my head or shoulder at full force but not as a defensive player? People who don't play need to stop litigating based on emotions and let a council of veteran players decide what is dirty and what was clean or incidental, intent is usually clear and that has a lot to do with dirty versus unavoidable based on how you have to play on offense or defense if your truly trying to win.

Anonymously. says:

Why does this look like a madden game ? 7:48

Yeeter Mcyeeterson says:

:36 if i were a teamate of him i wouldve grabbed #20 helmets at slammed it on his face

Yeeter Mcyeeterson says:

4:15 mario williams did that to richie incognito he fucking deserved it

Unknown_ Cohen says:

Was there a single cheap shot by a white guy?

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