Worst NBA Injuries of the 2018-2019 Season – Part 1

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The worst injuries of the 2018-2019 nba season

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Killer Tim_23 says:

I like the intro

Wrestling Diy says:

What about Chris Paul black eye?

Jahsun Queen says:

Where was KD

Hola Mi amigo says:

no jusuf nurkic?!

bochioXD says:

Me as a sportscaster at 2:33 LeBron ripped his fucking balls he has ripped his fucking ballsack in half his balls are gonna be looking like a duffel bag with 2 bowling balls in it

mason arlein vlogs says:

dude where tf is fred vanvleets horrible head injury likebruh

Schimmla mO says:

Bunlar futbol oynadığı zaman 3 gün hayata kalamazlar

Bubble says:

These are all bad but Lebron’s injury literally cost the lakers their playoff spot

N Gillespie says:

Is everybody ignoring that jusiph nurkic broke his leg

RaymondPlayz says:

New persons:Snake and Klay

Shamakutai says:

Have of these are thunder players lmao

theNTHNword says:

Bruh so many good players got injured

Nick H Basketball says:

Who is watching after KD and Klay

Jez _606 says:

The ball has seen alot…

stevieooo says:

Dammm Siakam was so lucky he didn't get hurt on that Oladipo play, that shit was hella dangerous to get tripped midair running full speed!

Westbrook Fan says:

The comments say thunder always getting so now we have pg13 to the list of injured players

Jaydi Kay says:

i’ve torn my acl and meniscus and it hurts so bad

Hi im Ish says:

10:17 such shitty sportsman ship, you hurt the guy, then you try to take advantage of the situation and run like mad to the other side. Compare that to the rest of jerseys. Its a season game for fuk sakes.

YD-Rezzy says:

Russel Westbrook fakes injurys

Mango_Cesar 700 says:

They broke there own anckels

李易洋 says:

Warriors=Most Dirtiest team of all time

Christian King says:

2:14 Giannis is such a respectful player

Tyree Collins says:

That was the 1st time lebron pop his nuts 🥜

A Z says:

Why lebron got the same face for laughing and crying?

eac gameplay says:

If u think about it, the Lakers. Have a lot of good players, I think they will be good next year

Jannet Suarez says:

I swear the raptors hurt everyone lol

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