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Higuain great goal! Higuain penalty fail!
Kane goal! Kane dive fail! And more…
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442oons says:

Hi all – do you like this format?
Songs work best, but this style as a change now and again for some variety?
Or do you prefer 442oons of the Day more?
Or Goggle in the Box?
Thanks for your feedback!

Morata Hahaha says:

2:23 poor Gonzalo

Danieldailycb says:

0:26 look to your left. Ice man is there

Edithacker says:

The kit changed in the middle

Yousef Khalifa says:

It finished (this year in the international champions cup) and harry kane scored an absolute banger

Dirty Sanchez says:

First time khedira said something.

Kīd çüdį says:

I died when I saw red card tube 😃😂🤣🤣🤣

Opg Liverpool FC says:

Hiaugin is right foot so first penalty should have been right foot and then second penalty scored with right seriously 😒

xflms _2010 says:

0:37 Ball floating lol

Carolyn De Verteuil says:

The kits changed for spurs at the start it was black and at the end it was the home kit

Jambo says:

I love the running man reference at 01:00

Anonymous says:

I love the first one

TwistedIrnBruBottle & MochaLawyer9660 - Gaming says:

0:27 Does anyone see Sigurdsson

Fuego XCFC says:

I'm gonna eat a happy meal in front of Gonzalo

White Sky says:

The old lady theory😂😂😂😂

Michele Laudando says:


David Radovic says:

When erksin scores free kick and buffon dindt save a and gonzalo wants to eat in mc donalds with his manger and burger coca cola friers and meal

Josue Ochoa says:

The old lady one 😂😂

Chace Repunte says:

1:31 harry says the longest word

David Radovic says:

Hugiuan cries beaucse he wants to eat a befubuger chpis and drinking coca cola

Thomas Muller says:

Next time I get a blowjob, I’ll tell my wife she’s tying my laces 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

randumb 2 says:

Lol when kean dives he is in a different kit then his teammates white and black when his other team were in black and blue and yellow #lazy #mistake #drawboring #442oons #moneyunited 100millionsubcribers

Gilmar Saldana says:

happy meal😂

Koamzia says:

Old lady theory

Unthreatened ̄_ツ_/ ̄ says:

At 1:50 Aurier gets the yellow but Juve manager is mad?!?!?!?

anson lau says:

the 8th was best

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