🔥Ronaldo vs Atletico Madrid🔥||Ronaldo best revenge moment🔥||🔥Ronaldo X Polozhenie🔥||Portugal 🇵🇹||

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Sambhabit Sahoo says:

rubbing salt to wound is less painful I guess………..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥CR7👑

m.r zein says:

أشهدوأنالااله إلا الله

jean pierre sanguino pineda says:

El bicho me están retando pvtas 🧐

Müslüm says:

Ronaldo > Atletico Madrid

Abdalla Shadad Yousif says:


goat ronaldo says:

Everytime I should do this

Zaki Hamoud says:

He fucks 'em up every single time they play against him🤣😅

Santiago luchetta says:


Fatima Hhhh says:

La benganza que hizo

PrimalTensei_3D says:

Now let’s count how many times Ronaldo made Atletico piss their pants, and they still have the balls to talk like that……teach them cuh you wanna win stop the trash talk and pray😂

Abdullah_plays says:

L athletico Madrid w cr7

Asha Jain says:

Ronaldo world best player and favrate player of mine ronaldo ooooooooop

PouName says:

Ronaldo is in my ❤

PrimalTensei_3D says:

Just how many times did Ronaldo teach Athletico what greatness is 😂😂 these people still have the balls

pro footballer for life says:

Don't mess with the🐐

Hülya Sert says:

C . Ronaldo

Sir frozen penguin 🐧 says:

Ronaldo x Messi world best sports duo 🔥

ZAID 8BP says:

🐐 owns atleico madrid

Gapp Assa says:


aron_gitano_gastoreno says:

Athletic Madrid Biggest Rival Ever: Cristiano Ronaldo 👍

I'M YOU 👀 says:

No offense but some time you won't to remember that karma is also existing in the fking universe and how did you challenge a terminator bro remember he is terminator from the last year of world he knows everything he lost couse he won'ts to not because of your team 💀

Yaksh Gupta says:

First one looked like kaushal pawaar

Rk1983 says:

The fatso in the beginning, after cristiano’s 3rd goal I think he went to sleep in a cave and hasn’t come out since then 🤣🤣🤣

@handletteringloft says:

Only 'RONALDO' for football.

Harsh Venigalla says:

Anyone notice he did the siu only after the comeback

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