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Karate Final Female Team Kata Japan vs Italy. WKF World Karate Championships 2012. 空手日本

Official World Karate Federation YouTube channel for the distribution and broadcast of Karate Championships.



Escherichia2003 says:

If you ever wondered where Karate comes from, look at this. It is totally Kung-Fu!

Flower rose Gumamela says:

Woooow what great?????

John doe says:

2:26 middle one….fucked up

victoria femenias says:

me quede sin palabras


kalau sama gerakan piring 3 tau nggak

mizmera says:

Excellence is a Japanese team…

REDMARSH725 says:


Medo Nawar says:

راااائع جدا ❤

ムササビ A says:


Fumio Yagishita says:


Ibrahim Radwan says:

3:22 great throw :'D

khôi minh says:

japan's team always awesome!

Daneil Cuenca says:

Okinawa own karate.

Adalberto Javier says:

The level of focus is amazing

ars jiga says:

Well, Japan everyone. ???

Gaignon Gilles says:

J p lavorato

equipe pedro de oliveria oliveria says:

eu sou mestre oyama pai e mãe as confederações

Diplalraj Deeplalraj says:

I am a wkf chamapin

Kiyta Thax says:

welp japan clearly came to win

WrestleMania me dip says:

Japanis girl like John cena

Hamburger says:

i'd love to have my ass kicked by beautiful japanese girls

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