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What were some of the other epic brother vs. brother moments?

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For any parent, it’s cool if one of their sons becomes a professional athlete.

But it’s even more awesome if two of their boys turn pro. And it becomes EVEN MORE AWESOME when their two sons face off in a match where the stakes are extremely high.

I’m DeQwan Young, and today we dive into the top 10 brother vs. brother moments in history. And a big shoutout and thank you to MSK SNKY for suggesting this video!

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Video Editor + Host: DeQwan Young
Written By: Alex Hoegler



Agent Beamstar says:

Chris Smooooove

SirBilly says:

Kobe vs Jordan

Keys says:

You forgot steph curry vs Seth curry


Offensive vs defensive family members like jjwatt hitting his full back brother

Ryan Foley says:

Good concept vid.

Epicgamer14 says:

Do worst plays

TB - Vlogs says:

What about Stephen Curry and Seth Curry

Alexander Heft says:

What. No primeau brothers from the NHL? Pretty sure they both fought each other too haha

Ale X says:

jared and jeff weaver. Angels vs Dodgers. because it was a NL home game, they even batted against each other.

Wesley Oropeza says:

Do sister vs sister

Stanley Ward says:

Brownlee Brothers BG running

joseph gurnsey says:

What did he say at :45 who won what

its tre way says:

Steph Curry vs his brother

EverlastingPeace says:

Baseball is a sport too…

deno Sansar says:

pogba brothers

Kam says:

Kicker… and defensive end you don’t hear that’s anymore lol

The Mastema says:

The actual Boateng rivalry was real, when the youngest injured on purpose the captain of the german national football team, Michael Ballack, some sources say they actually went on a fist fight

Xavier Yemelong says:

Marqiff moris


Wheres the willamms sisters

Jared Zieff says:

Harbaugh Bowl 1 not Super Bowl 47

Clara Stallworth says:

The Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, played against each other during both the regular season and the Pro Bowl (one post game interview actually had Travis kiss brother Jason on the cheek)

nick franzese says:

Chris smoove mad the list

Ramisis Celander says:

What about the barber twin's bucs vs giants

Joey Dascola says:

Kane vs Undertaker

Brady Banta says:

The kalil brothers (panthers, vikings)

G4io Rodriguez says:

Stephen Curry vs Seth Curry

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