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The NFL is the biggest and most popular of all major North American professional sports leagues. And that is unlikely to change any time soon.

Thanks to an offensive revolution that’s taken over the league in the past 30 or so years, the NFL product is more exciting than ever before.

However, the overall entertainment value would be far better for us fans if NFL players didn’t always do these super-annoying things during games.

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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler



David Fowler says:

By far the most annoying thing NFL players do is when a corner back waves their hands incomplete when they have done absolutely nothing to break up the play. Its even worse when they’re getting burnt all game by a WR and then the start celebrating one bad throw by a QB

William Rose says:

Celebrating when your losing bad is the most annoying to me

Joshua Ford says:

Must have been a slow week. Seems a little extreme. And yes nba players celebrate all the time. Seems a little bitchy. I only made it to number 2.

Alfred Martinez says:

Trash talk may not be a part of pro golf, but it definitely is part of amateur golf. Go hang out in the 19th hole at any golf course.

Gabrielle Daubenmire says:

Dude it's for the team who cares about ur fantasy like shut up

aers812 says:

3:16 ok what field? I'm in

Logan D says:

This entire video made no sense, every single one of these things is absolutely justified or isn't even a big deal.

Slush Anator says:

Chad Johnson did the camera thing yeaaaaaaarrrrrSSSSS Before Tyrek hill did it dont give Hill the credit for that

Jim Van Slyke says:

You’re annoying and self contradictory! A long diatribe at how annoying the first down celebration is, then “well if a quarterback does it… or when Gronk does it!” State your opinion and stick to it! It’s all a part of the game!

Joshua Serrano says:

Did he just ask if NBA players celebrate making shots????????? This guy stupid

Matthew Lorang says:

Going down before scoring might be annoying to fans but it would be more annoying to fans if enough clock is left and the opposing team steals the game away. ALWAYS DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE TEAM. Players are paid to win! Otherwise, awesome vid.

Mudd777 says:

Do basketball players ever celebrate after scoring? Yes like everytime

bolutra says:

I can’t believe you called cruz’s salsa a “silly dance”

Charles Bloor says:

As a Bengals fan I was pissed when Burfict and Jones got those penalties when they had the game won because Ben threw it incomplete with less than a minute in the game on 4th down. That is just selfish and unprofessional. If you really want to hurt a rival do it on the scoreboard and win the game not hand it to them with a careless penalty

Charles Bloor says:

Nfl touchdown celebrations are just excessive. Hoot and hollar with teammates then go to the sidelines. Too many touchdown dances last longer than plays.

La Bron says:

Trash ass video

Shadowkiller 420 says:

Play the game

Just Sumweirddude says:

Celebrating a first down mainly happens when u so sum raw shit like truckin someone or diving for it

Christian Bennett says:

1st string corner back blocks a 1 yard field goal from a 3rd string kicker, Nobody: The cornerback: LETS GOE BABY!!!
And then looks at the scorebored And realizing that his team is still down by 40

MJ Donegan says:

nah the most annoying thing is when defensive players no something is not a fumble or they no they penaltied but they celebrate anyway

Austin Miller says:

I think he’s mad about the first down cause he’s probably a Jets fan and rarely sees first downs

Simply Simmons says:

I hate your videos

Max Peterson says:

Barley anyone thinks these are annoying

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