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We all love watching sports without a doubt and the reason is that they bring much needed adrenaline rush and thrill in our lives. Professional sports are sophisticated well planned. Sometimes however, even athletes encounter embarrassing and weird moments that surely leave us awestruck. Today we are gonna look at top 10 most weird moments in sports.

Narrator: Cormacbren
Researcher/Writer: Writing Legend
Video Editor: Chris Visions

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Him Bike says:

The pony tail girl was grabbing the other girls shorts. She deserved to get slammed via
The pony express

Alvin John Felipe says:

I stop watching when you say "soccer" instead of football.

shel Joyson says:

Fuck u it's football not soccer

In His Loving Arms says:

If you don’t know how to pronounce Ginobili you don’t need to make sports videos lol

AMS Channel says:

Good I like

Josh Lions the man says:

the last one

Fun Toys Karson says:

3:00 wow

Chris MoonLand says:

I'm here for the thumb and I got what I'm here for

ND Trends says:

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Nice vide !

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