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#2: Russell Wilson (QB, Seahawks) | Top 100 NFL Players of 2020

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The Top 100 Players of 2020 counts down the top players in the NFL as determined solely by the players themselves. This year, NFL Films collected 970 ballots and interviewed 132 players.

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Levi Morarie says:

AFC west is going to be insane in 2022

___ad44___ says:

there goes the winning records 😐

Kurt Johnson says:

Bronco now!

Andrew Minelli says:

To think he’s actually a bronco😢😢

Titays says:

Broncos Country.. LETS RIDE

Jake harkness says:

watching this after broncos drafted him

Travon Smith says:

😭Broncos finna go crazy

BurdeO says:

Wow, I’ve been waking up every day for like 3 weeks straight just excited to be a Bronco fan. Looking forward to what he’s going to bring to the Mile High

Scott Cravens says:

Broncos Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Virgil says:

That’s my qb 💙🧡

SitMisFit says:


Matty Mulls says:

Yo BroncosCountry! Let’s Ride!!!

John Smith says:

Still cant believe he is gone. What was the front office thinking. I feel like Seattle lost its soul with this trade……… We miss you Russ

J. David Cox says:

Been a long time RW fan. He has it all. And Seattle kinda blew it. Russ never had a good O-line and after Marshawn, the runners were just not A+. The team didn't give him much in the way of options so he just went out and did magic. To be fair, RW took all the money. Maybe Seattle couldn't afford good team mates? Greed's gonna take us all down.

# peterpaninspace says:

To bad he is going to suck as a bronco. Got fat and slow and only knows how to throw deep ball.

Timothy P. Floyd says:

Welcome to Mile High Russell!!

Dae Dae says:

My new QB🤩

SteventheThorn says:

Let’s go Broncos.

J says:

As a Hawks fan, youtube is ruthless

Awake & Alive says:

Welcome to Mile High!

JR Mighty says:

First one here after trade

Justin Byers says:

Welcome to the Broncs my dude. Love you RW3

Peyton Desoto says:

I already can’t wait for next season go Broncos!

Eduardo Arrieta says:

welcome to DENVER

Dave Pearson says:

QB1 enters the building.🥳.
We will take care of ya boi Seattle!

Bobbyhillthe3rd says:

1 year ago he was the second best player in the nfl, now he’s on the Denver broncos 🧡💙

butterbeatle says:

Who’s here after the trade?

Motoicon says:

Hes gone now-WIsh him all the success in Denver. He's certainly earned it.

Logan Beaumont says:

And now he is a Denver Bronco

David Sewell says:

Welcome to Denver let's go

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