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In this video, we countdown 20 FUNNIEST OLYMPIC FAILS in TOKYO OLYMPICS 2021. All these epic funny Olympic Fails might make you feel bad for laughing….These fail clips happened during the Olympics straight from Tokyo olympics 2021, and also from other previous olympic events in sports such as Gymnastics olympics 2021, gymnastic challenge, Gymnast, soccer, aquatics, swimming, figure skating, ice skating, tennis and many more…we have really showcased 20 funniest olympic fails and put them all in one video sport olympic video that you don’t want to miss watching.

We all love to watch Olympics especially the latest Tokyo Olympics, and of course if we are into sports. We all feel so happy, laugh and cheer at the moments when our favorite team wins a medal or scores a victory. It is also so funny to watch athletes makes stupid fails and clumsy drops during an Olympic game. Sometimes we feel confused whether to laugh or feel sorry or even cry for some of the emotional moments and fails that the player go through. Those clips although they are funny but you can not help but give a huge tremendous respect to the athletes that were playing…they are considered the hero of the games, they have huge respect for the games they’re playing. The Olympic Games are an international sports festival held every four years. The ultimate goal are to cultivate human being through sport and show the true and most beautiful moments of respect and acceptance of loss in sports. It also shows the respect and kindness of many athletes in the olympic. These Olympic moments of respects shows the real heart of champions and inspiring moments in sports.

Respect is having a regard for other people and their lives; it is showing those around us compassion and empathy. Nothing brings sports fans together more than true sportsmanship and respect, these moments will make you emotional and bring tears in your eyes.
Here we have collected 20 hilarious funny Olympic instances caught on camera that are sure to make you laugh, and feel sorry for the players at the same time but truly it shows the real heart of champions and extremely inspiring moments in sports:

The life of athletes like Simone Biles is not easy, the pressure they have on them while everyone is watching them perform is insane. They have to perform in front of millions of people sometimes on a weekly basis, even the best screw ups, will be advertised on youtube channels and will be rebroadcasted for days or even months. In this video I compiled some of the most embarrassing moments, and crazy sports fails in sports, watching them will make you feel a lot better about a time you may have gotten embarrassed in front of friends or family.

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Excitertainment is an entertainment channel that you can spends hours of watching funny videos, and unbelievable, crazy, unforgettable, trending, sports fails, embarrassing highlights, funny sports moments videos and we challenge you to try not to laugh at some of our entertaining videos.
We usually commentate over the top 20, or top 10 funny, Inappropriate, highlights moments In Sports history that were shown on live TV News. We also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining and funny to watch! Some of these moments caught on camera and live broadcast include NBA Basketball, NFL American Football, Soccer, NHL Hockey, Tennis, MLB Baseball, ring girl, Gymnastics, swimming and many more.

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Excitertainment says:

Hope this video put a smile on your face!Have a fantastic day everyone 😊🍀

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So I guess it's common now for YouTubers to alter their voices in hopes of standing out.

Trim Trimmer says:

That runner is hilarious, what a shot to go right through the gap like that, carry on mate keep going let gravity stop you 👇 I mean who needs cognitive control 🙄 He completely disappeared 😅😂🤣😆

FantomGhost says:

Old material. Won't b watching ur old videos again

R Vasquez says:

Turned the video off halfway through because of your annoying phrasing. Have someone else narrate next time…..

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Chaiiiiiiiirs…… I think he is philipino

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Music name in the video?

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Do you speak like this in everyday communication?
I think you're attempting to do something cool, trust me…it is not cool

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immmm realllllyyyy enoyyyyinggg thisssssssssssss

S. Smith says:

Great vids, couldn't handle the narration

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I had to stop watching because of the voice/cadence. I just couldn’t.

Amy Thomas says:

The video is entertaining, but the way you talk is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Jodie Harman says:

What an annoying voice. Sound off 🙉

Sadgirl Moody says:

Gosh thought it was just my luck.

Gina White says:


Sun: "Hotter"

Sugar: "Sweeter"

Joonie: "Cooler"

Yoongi: "Butter"

Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

Bianca Demandt says:

Not greaet to listen tooooooo

chaos4316 says:

Is Roger from American Dad narrating this???!

Nut Jackson says:

Yup, that voice kills my interest!!! Oh my gosh…..it's Video Killed the Radio Star in reverse!!! Pure evil

412PittsburghBoy says:

I had to turn the sound off unfortunately. Maybe have a friend speak next time instead of you. (Hopefully that you were doing that intentional) but I have a feeling you weren't. This was a trainwreck in slow motion. But besides that this was a nice compilation. 👍

M3s Tiz0 says:

Why do all of these new age commentators sound like big bird ejaculating end sentence 🤔???

Gary Wi. says:

Segway is still an idiotic idea. Next they'll try self driving cars. Pure lunacy.

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Why You trying to sound likes chills lol

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Most annoying speaker I could not watch it completely

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You sound a little tired
Are you a little tiiiiiiiireeeed??

Jenny wick says:

I love your videos and love your voice. Don't bother about the unwanted comments. Some people are jobless so don't give them the attention. All the best. 💐.

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So he kept on gooooooooiiiiing . Lol its annoying

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