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Today we react to the 20 funniest olympic fails from the summer and winter olympics. We hope you enjoy the reaction video

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L.S.K. says:

@/myrequest Guys you neeeed to react to this! Your faces will hurt from laughing!
John Cena Prank Call: @

This is the full version, with the background, which includes the reason for the prank, and the person who requested it, and the back story. You can find the other smaller version in this link: @

Don't miss it guys! Would love to see you react to it! Cheers!

Lymehouse1 says:

Please see to it that you do not EVER again wear matching shirts.

Grimrpr6942 says:

The speed skater that won after the others crashed is Steven Bradbury from Australia. The only reason he was in that final race was because of another crash during the previous semi-final race which allowed him to place high enough to advance. Thats some serious luck right there.

tyler johnston says:

Please react to
2020 presidential election Will Hiden Trump Grump? | JEFF DUNHAM

John Lundy says:

Go Canada Go!!

Jillian S says:

Every Canadian watches winter Olympic events, let’s just say it to acknowledge the stereotype

Jillian S says:

1:08 I was waiting for the punch line Adam

Am I so Canadian that I get bored by the summer Olympics and their weak puns

Let me see Christine Sinclair and the rest of team Canada kick ass in soccer on Thursday

Kelley says:

I haven't watched any of the summer olympics. I like fencing.

Jason The Old Millennial says:

That Russian basketball player was Sasha Kaun. He played basketball at Kansas University and was on the 2008 team that won the NCAA championship. He also played on the Cleveland Cavaliers when they won the NBA tittle. He also won a bronze medal at the Olympics.

MST3Killa says:

Congrats on beating the US women's team! They sure deserved it!

Rafa Cena says:

You're back! I don't have to call the Toll Free Mountie Number to look for you lol.

puppygirl13830 says:

Forget about the decathlon. There should be a ninja warrior competition in the Olympics!

Google says bowling was a demonstration sport in the 1988 Olympics. It was rejected for the 2020 and 2024 games, but there's a committee trying to get it in the 2028 games.

Amanda s. says:

LOVE the gymnast that just DESTROYED her uneven bars after dismounting. That's a perfect 10! 👏👏👏💪🤸‍♀️🥇 hard or go home!

Jeff Burdick says:

#myrequest Red Wings and Avs have some beef. Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee. I've been requesting it for like 4 months now.

Michael Way says:

Unfortunately bowling is not in the Olympics, hasn't been since 1988(it's a global sport-go figure)

zsk8301 says:

4:21 As I recall he missed his connecting flights. So when he arrived, his event (I think it was shot put ) already has ended. In the end – to be a meaningful journey – he was invited for another event for at least to compete. Nice gesture from the organizers.

伊森Ethan Turnista-Quik says:

That head referee of the U.S. Canada match has favoritism & gave a penalty kick. That's the biggest fail. The red shirt put contact on the White shirt but, the Red shirt fell & apparently that's a penalty. Even though the white shirt did not make eye contact, it was red's fault.

Trusteft says:

My favorite Olympic sport is ice hockey, especially women. I fraking love watching it even though I don't really support any team.

Tom Heinrichs says:

I don’t compete in sports. Never have never will.

Actually refused to watch the sitcom Friends because I watched a couple of episodes and said to myself. “Do I give I flying leap what the Football players did with the cheer leaders after high school?”

That being said.
My favourite Olympic Event has been and always will be Beach Volleyball for some reason.

rootbox says:

Where's your sweet mullet Adam?

Rubberduck4106 says:

That is one WELL worn Blue Jay cup! Looks like no chance at the division, but in upper echelon for a Wild Card spot…

The Great Amida says:

Bowling is not an Olympic sport…yet. While it hasn't featured at the Olympics, bowling has been a fixture at the Pan Ams since 1991.

The Great Amida says:

1:34 When you don't have a 5' stick in your hands it affects your muscle memory and ability to skate, I guess.

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