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J Leckman says:

waste of time

Al Bundy says:

2:16 is the reason soccer sucks!

pipehemel says:

the last one was a soccer player XD

Feno Wibowo says:

Come here because of that blue butt 😌

Rand U says:

2:01. No way is that embarrassing! It's awesome! You must be using a funky dictionary!

Jacques Girard says:

Haha faking chinese dude when toched gets up all of a sudden lolllll. Top faker

虞姬全台外送twtt7 says:

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Ahmed Rizwan says:

I came for the thumbnail so did you?

Don Henderson says:

these nut shots are so phony reflex only it takes aabout30 sec for pain from testes to gut

gaming trooper says:

It's actually 2:02 thank me later

Marcus Legg says:

Why the shit music

Robert Bott says:

whats the name of the first song? anyone?

mi channnal says:

hilarious the soccer "injury" jumps up to fight — soccer the sport of liars

L'enfoiré à lunettes says:

the only embarrasing moment is the music

Ambrose Asylum says:

The wild opening pitch was the only embarrasing thing. A volleyball player missing a ball she dove for is called effort. The fat kid knocking the other kids down is called playing below your age group.

good boy says:

Your about to get 100 k subs congratulations

iCompilation says:

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Stranger guy says:

2.33 hahahah funny one … confident sometimes become bad.

Kacknase says:


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