Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.



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kwanikwawa says:

You clearly have very little idea about sports 👎

FËRGÏË says:

I think i have been playing the wrong baseball 😂

Dman79 says:

this is the stupidest video of nothing!!

Nathaniel Huff says:

“Two baseball players run for the ball and accidentally hits a cheerleader”, shows football players💀

Lhinghoikim Kim says:

Is that how you guys play baseball? Weird, don't you think?!🤔

Lhinghoikim Kim says:

Why was everyone laughing? She isn't wrong.shes really good from behind!! what a player 🤔🤔🤔

paddy joines says:

you kepp calling every thing base ball

Ava Kewley says:

How is this embarrassing

ChrissyLee says:

what's inappropriate is this narrator

G17 Yt says:

This is One of the worst video i ever saw on youtube

Howard Sung says:

The baseball player didnt see the cheer girl?? WTF??

NFL Cost says:

Apparently Jason Witten is a girl 3:57

Blue Lu 32 says:

3:21 boy did you just call that baseball that’s an embarrassing moment

Terry Jones says:

U know dats normal in tennis

Terry Jones says:

This dude need help

Blake Jackson says:

Why do you think volleyball is baseball??????

Boogie.A Truss says:

1:29 ain’t embarrassing if dudes can do it so can women

Cindy Joy says:

Two baseball players ?? Hahaha

Wendell White says:

YouTube ìs shamefull for aĺlowìng liès and misinformation .

Merkberry says:

What’s so inappropriate about any of these

clinton chukwuebuka says:

I can’t even see anything embarrassing here!

John X says:

Loving the commentary, it's adding so much more, particularly the athlete who landed on the floor. I know, amazing, right?

Elaine M says:

Baseball? As I can recall, it was called volleyball. Lmao. I stopped watching when you proceeded to call a football game, baseball.

tshepowatches says:

i dont get how any of these are embarassing or inappropriate lol

Joshua Felix says:

At 3:16 You Said A Baseball Hit This Girl In The Face. When It Was A Volleyball.

Ini N. says:

What's embarrassing here? 🤔

Miguel Alvarez-Bolado Fernandez says:

Embarrassing is judging the way you do with no common sense

Dk Dk says:

Did your gf cheat you ¿

lydia malcolm says:

Are you kidding? Baseball and cheer girl? Football and cheerleader. I do more embarrassing things walking down the sidewalk. This was stupid!

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