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Have you ever seen a 9 year old girl chop down a tree with her bare fists? Well join Boxing Legends TV today as we count down he top 5 most incredible child prodigies in boxing and MMA in 2017



Authentic Max says:

People on the comment box talking about disgusting parents.. like as if their parents did a great thing… how lame… GREAT JOB FUTURE BOXERS !! DONT LISTEN TO LOSERS !!! KEEP UP THE TRAINING AND LOVE YOUR PARENTS !!! AT THE LEAST YOU ARE LEARNING A SKILL !!!! Unlike punks on the comments below hating you and your parents because they are jealous of you and what your parents are doing.

gal oron says:

8:43 whats the name of the song?

Billy Lindemuth says:

Why is the girl even on here lmao like what is she doing?

Rey G says:

Rashât "the Albanian bear ' Matti , didn't make the list ?

saucy _z9 says:

When she starts to go fast with both hands her feet are side by side I just drop kick her and she will go flying

Gary Garrison says:

Nijee is insane holy fuck ?

Spider Comics says:

Always push your kids potential never let it burn out

HScarlet says:

Matching Bruce Lee in films is a little meaningless. Bruce Lee had to go much slower for the films, because he was originally moving so fast it came out blurry.

Joelson Sabado says:

Baby bruce lee quickly developed complete flexibility that's why his rounds houses are on point

Devin Bryce says:

Put baby Bruce in a movie

Dwayne Johnson says:

It looks good but lets she do when someone hits back you van give it but can you take it facts

Eesa Fredericks says:

The gymnastics kid should do MMA ?

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