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8-Year-Old Boy Believes He’s The Reincarnation of Baseball Legend Lou Gehrig

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More from Inside Edition:
Christian Haupt just turned eight years-old and some people say they’ve never seen a baseball prodigy like him. His mom even thinks little Christian may just be the reincarnation of legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig. In her new book The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding True Story Of A Young Boy’s Past Life Memories, Cathy Byrd writes that when Christian was just three years-old he told her out of the blue that he was once was ‘a tall baseball player’ who had a feud with Babe Ruth.

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Amazing MLB Plays says:

THIS IS SO FAKE. The mom's forehead is a reincarnation of a horse cause its so big this kid ain't even good and he's spoiled.

Chris Bogden says:

Kys White trash

lolerick12 ROBLOX says:

0:45 a guy in the background

Nightlightssobright Take flight says:

There's a religious issue in this vid to

Tod Hayseed says:

The legend is back

Robert Callahan says:

Correct title 8yo boy whose been told he's the reincarnation of Lou Gherig, so his mom could sell a book.

Jake Festa says:

He's not Lou Gehrig he's just a boy who brought something stupid up to his mom who is stupid enough to believe him, when i was 3 i told my mom i was elvis and where am i at now

Not PandaPlayz05 says:

After watching this I found out I'm Lol pump

Daddy Drail says:

What utter bs ?

the Fallout4king says:

I'm an apache HELICOPTER

Joseph Red says:

When i was a kid im naruto

Mayret Hinojosa says:

Boiii u thought

Magic Pancake says:

I’m lightning McQueen because I can drive

Braden Olson says:

Their swings look nothing alike lol. This kid just got to hang out with all the Dodgers and got an inflated ego is all.

Rainbow6gamer _ says:

I play soccer I must be the reincarnation of ramen noodles

Ruby Bautista says:

I thought I was a vampire

KiIler Bear says:

1v1 kid on wii sports

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