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‘A champions’ performance’ from Chelsea in big win over Leicester | Premier League | ESPN FC

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Chelsea surge further ahead in the Premier League table by taking down Leicester City 3-0. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol was very impressed by the performance, labelling it one of future Premier League champions.

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Michael Appiah says:

Steve for once has spoken the truth about Chelsea…..

saurabh kulshrestha says:

Anchors and pandits at Liverpool tv are sad 😂😂😂😂

Chad says:

If Chelsea continue this rate of not conceding goals they will end the season with 12 goals. A new PL record

rollercoaster478 says:

This Chelsea team reminds me of the LFC team that won in 2019/20. Consistent, dominant, many great players at their peak, and even with injuries it doesnt change things, the level of performance is consistently high, I expect around 90 points for Chelsea at this rate. It will be really tough for LFC and City to get past Chelsea, I dont see them dropping too many points, so the only way to pass them is to win all games except 2 or 3 games for the rest of the season. Thats a big ask.

P.S. Lets assume Chelsea get 93 points. LFC and City needs another 69 points, thats 23 wins in the remaining 26 games. So thats a maximum of 3 losses remaining. I dont see LFC or City being that consistent unfortunately.

Tito Diyei says:

They wont beat United at Old Trafford

GokuSSJ3 says:

Everyone talks about City & Guardiola and Liverpool & Klopp and how great they are but under-appreciate and underestimate Chelsea and Tuchel. This Chelsea is a wall in the back and has firepower. Much better than Liverpool and City

Alfred Goma says:

Calm down with the Pulisic talk, he's a member of Chelsea's squad, like Ziyech, like loftus cheek but you guys cry when he doesn't start

Mahlon kipruto says:

Lukaku coming back isn't obviously going to make us better. I like how Havertz plays, we just dominate when he's on.

denice ochieng says:

The only player yet to score in CHELSEA'S first team is Mendy

Garnett Bartley says:

Paul need help chelsea defense is world class

Ben says:

Steve Nicol is so Good!!

Adam Roberts says:

Thomas touchel is a unbelievable manager 👏

jimmi hendrix hendrix says:

How do you score against Chelsea???

KarltonJ says:

Flat track bullies!!!.. can’t beat their rivals

Emile Moise says:

Stewie you said in your first Interview about Tuchel that he will at Chelsea due to the Power Play in the Premier Ligue !!! What you say now about my Friend Mr Tuchel ???

October Heathen says:

Steve nicol just need to get out of the closet Chelsea dismantled dominant champions performance same machine ticking on no weakness steams along

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