ALLIGATORS ? HOT DOGS! Wrestling & Feeding @ Gatorland Crocodiles (FUNnel Vision DISNEY Summer #11)

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THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE END! No more vlogs… from FLORIDA! 🙂 Enjoy our final moments in Orlando Florida for Summer 2017. We had a bunch of scary fun at Gatorland! Thumbs up for Crocs & Gators!

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Caleb Ezekiel says:

Duddy Your a little Weird Your not Giving Shawn Away

A.J. Brown says:

I subscribe to your Channel

Ly Rondolos says:

I love ? your video ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺️☺️☺️???????????????

Kristi King says:

I went to gatorland

Silas Otte says:


Evan Teoh Yee Theng says:

I like the crocodile jumping.

Evan Teoh Yee Theng says:

Is that crocodile mosasaurus?

mohamed liyavudeen says:

It's funny that fgteev mom Srecmed

mohamed liyavudeen says:

I love you fgteev

Rachael Aylo says:


Jong Tulibas says:

Why does the sign said fannel cake

Allen Ortega Ortega says:

Fgeet tv I went tar

Mystery Girl says:

I’ve been there ?!!!! At that exact place ! Same one ?

Ik this was 5 months ago I just like to watch the old vacation vids ? I’m bored ……

TheAgycfgtube says:

Hey duddy can you play arc survival

anesty soto says:

I’m eight and my mom let me die my hair if I have another mom I will slap her and go find her

anesty soto says:

The alligator has a big big booty but you got a big booty ?

anesty soto says:

I want one of them just kidding my mom will be really scared even if she comes out of work and she Saw him she would go out the door run she’s like almost scared of everything but not person

anesty soto says:

I want to ride a horse or an alligator just kidding

anesty soto says:

I made a song it’s supposed to be like this let me see you work work but I did it my own way it’s let me see fart fart fart fart fart fart

Noah D G Howard says:

The white gator was an a albino gator

Dalagol Ozbaki says:

Fgeetv pley ninja Assarsson

Dalagol Ozbaki says:


Titchy Monster says:

I’m a youtuber

blackbirds321 says:

Birds hate Babies

redy red says:

I love your kids and the parents I wish I live with you guys

BaileyDaHorse Perry says:

Those birds love funnel mom

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