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Dino Bontis (Instagram: dinobontis) is a 9 year old (born in 2004) goalkeeper. This video represents a compilation of some highlights during the 2013-14 indoor soccer season when he played for Hamilton Sparta 2003. Dino also trained with Just 4 Keepers. He currently plays for Toronto FC Academy U13 (2004). He attends Hillfield Strathallan College (Ontario, Canada). He was born in Canada but also carries a Greek passport given his family’s heritage.

2017 UPDATE: Dino Bontis played for Toronto FC Academy at the U13 CONCACAF club championships in August featuring top teams from Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, etc. Dino won the U13 Golden Glove Award for top goalkeeper in the CONCACAF tournament.

Dino 13 years old: Toronto FC (Canada) vs Pumas (Mexico)

Check out Charlie’s video (Dino’s brother at 8 years old) here:

Check out Dino’s video (6 years old) here:

Check out Charlie’s video (Dino’s brother at 7 years old) here:

Check out Charlie’s bicycle kick goal:

Dino (11 years old) and Charlie (13 years old):

Team Website:

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Filmed and edited by: Justin Moros –






Karima Achahbar says:

il est tros fort

Ümidi HD says:

Mini boffon

Neymar JR says:

Il est trop fort bientôt il sera footballeur professionnel !!!?

Andreea Yolanda says:

Sono più bravo

la concha de tu madre says:

Los entrenan para tirarse al suelo y utilizar solo las mano y en los partidos ay veces que ubieran parado un gol con los pies pero por tirarse pierden tiempo de les hecha el gol los deberían de entrenar para utilizar todas las partes de su cuerpo no solo las manos

Sinan Ersin says:

1:03 how did he saved that

Mad Gamers says:

U are a nice player I am also a keeper in my under 14 school team.i also do such training but I live in India

Rostina Ramli says:

Wahhhhhhh?????? saya pun menjadi kiper tapi takdalah secekap ni

Malika Cherki says:

Il est trop Fortin

jono kayumanis says:

gila kiper nya jago banget geblek

bondet 81 says:


Sujal Khot says:

nice diving goalkeeper

Erika Albarracin says:

portero cuando yo quersca te voy a meter un gol

Priti Ghorecha says:

The next david de gea

Akshansh Sharma says:


Mand Sardar says:

Thats a good goalkeeper it's fantastic

Ida Mirabella says:

Mini neuer


The next david de gea

Priti Asthana says:

Amazing goalkeeper

Football MAD64 says:

How old are you now

Denis Cagdan says:

I mean hes good great im 11 and im kinda better but i see a great future of being a goalkeeper

ranty bourne says:

Amazing bontis this goolkeper

Vasilis Melissas says:


Pierce Bowen says:

He is really good

Danielle Akkerman says:

Hij is goed

Nikola Jazudeková says:

To je najlepší golman

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