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Amazing Boxing! The FASTEST GIRL, 3 years after triumph, CАМАЯ БЫСТРАЯ ДЕВОЧКА, спустя 3 года

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This video is not just motivation for sport. This video is the MOTIVATION FOR LIFE.
It is necessary to implement Evnika’s training into the system of public education. I’m not kidding. Our head with his family, has developed a unique training system, we are dreaming to introduce the system to public education. Let’s build our future !!!
“Trees are our quirks. You need to look at how the special exercises with Evnik simulator affects on the development of children’s motor skills.
In short, training system develops certain motor skills, with emphasis on the development of the nervous system. There is excess underdevelopment of neuro muscular coordination and movement of the child becoming “non-human” character, movements become stronger, faster and therefore powerful. This potential can be used in any kind of sports, ranging from ballet and ending with the football. We are boxers and that’s why we apply this system to our narrow specialized needs. Our life, our successes and failures do not concern of the science that we have opened. Do not pay attention to what we do. It is important that we have achieved the highest results not with one child and an adult. It works. And tomorrow, this technology can help all children. In my estimates, after the revolution in sports comes the evolution of man, because the special work of neuro muscular system displays the potential of an organism to a whole new level of development. You can not imagine how it will affect the technological progress in general, much of what we have today will have to throw out, because our children suddenly will become different.”



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