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Ozil, iwobi, aubameyang



Hungi 7 says:

HH could you do a specific video on peak Ozil and how do you rate him only on that 3 year peak period at Real (including Germany performances)? And may be what you think he could be by now if he just made an other choice back then and goes somewhere else (Juventus, Bayern, City, Chelski, Psg or pick whoever you think would have been the right decision) or if you think his mentality would have let him done no matter he would go sooner or later anyway

MrDaymee says:

What is different at Arsenal this season???

There are several answers but I want to keep this concise.

1. Emery: If truth be told, deep down, he’s very underrated. Most in the PL community don’t think much of him. So he goes about his work quietly.

2. Tactics: What is happening tactically this season is alien to Arsenal FC. Emery is a coach who studies the opposition. Arsenal had a manager for 22yrs who himself proclaimed he pays no attention to the opposition. Furthermore, look at the tactical change in the second half against Leicester. Chilwell was causing all sorts of problems on Arsenal’s right. He switched the players on the wings (Iwobi & Mkhitaryan) to opposite sides and at the same time changed the formation from 4231 to 343. Iwobi played on the right and Mkhi went left. Iwobi’s was better at tracking back and pegging Chilwell back with his work rate and penetration, thereby nullifying that threat. Also in the 343, he moved Xhaka out of midfield to left back!!!!!
Talk about thinking on his feet! Look at how Guendouzi complemented Torreira???

3. Bench Power: In case no one has noticed, Emery always has power and impact coming from the bench. His substitutions have been spot on for the last 7 games. Good example: he hooked Lichtsteiner and brought in Aubameyang and Guendouzi for Mkhi. At that moment, you’d ask yourself “who will cover left back if he hooked Lichtsteiner??? But this guy pays attention. He deserves credit.

I could go on. But I can’t finish without mentioning game management, fitness and man management. Look at Iwobi, Mustafi (can’t believe I’m mentioning his name 🙈), Bellerin, Özil, Petr Çech (before his injury), even Welbeck (the brick!!!). These guys are all improving and bringing something to the table. I quite like the fact that no one rates us. We love it. Liverpool game will tell us more. I’m not getting carried away either. But I’m super gassed after the amazement I’ve seen so far.

Theodore Caesar Moseby says:

I’m scared

Mash Work says:

This system doesn’t suit Ozil at all. Very narrow and reliant on average fullbacks to provide the width. Ozil thrives off working with pacey wingers who bring can stretch the play. In bigger games when Arsenal’s fullbacks are pressed back, that’s when Ozil has massively struggled because he hasn’t got any outlet. Iwobi has start because he’s far better at beating players, holding onto the ball and linking the midfield and attack than Mkhitaryan. This system still doesn’t suit Ozil but Ozil just had a 10/10 perfomance. Arsenal still don’t look that good imo.

Liverpool vs Everybody says:

Vintage ozil..the set up for that second auba goal was wicked. Wow. Arsenal may be doing something here.

Marco Vilar says:

Oxymoron there sun glasses and a thick scarf inside 🤔.. weirdo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 must be feeezing there 😂😂😂

Jimmy J says:

Lacazette is doing his own videos after the game now???

Maxwell LCFC says:

Poor game management from Puel. Should have sub'd Iborra on at HT. And then the subs he did eventually make were never going to change how the game was going.

Dark Genesis says:

Hasn't Auba being doing well off the bench? he's kinda like a trump card

sahil rehna says:

Waiting for liverpool vs arsenal

Dravid Brown says:

Ozil is a genius involved in all three goals

Mujeeb Ahmed says:

10 wins in a row 🔥
Ozil MOTM ❤
We've got our Arsenal back 😁
Unai Emerys red and white army 🙌🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪

El Dio says:

As usual, Ozil looking like Zidane against small teams at home. Judge him when they play spurs and Liverpool

trudon says:

we have to talk about arsenal being in this title race….

Jonas Filberg says:

Uli Hoeneß needs to apologize ASAP.

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