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Baseball trick play by catcher – Simply Awesome.

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Youth baseball catchers are key to winning games. If for no other reason than making sure balls don’t get past them allowing a walk to become the same as a home run. But at the higher levels of play we some times get to see great youth baseball catchers in action. Here we see one snap throw to second base to catch a runner.

That is right. A snap throw to second that works. But this trick play involves the shortstop and pitcher as well and takes about 10 pitches to finally be complete.

How many Little League players can work a trick play that takes 10 pitches to finally translate into the out? Not many I presume.

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TheJimmy says:

The moment of execution is triggered by the eye line of the batter on 2nd in relation to the catcher. He is blocked visually by the pitcher. Once the batter moves into the blocked sight line and is far enough away from the base, the second baseman, who is always ready for the throw just catches it and tags him. It is a sight line but the hard throw from the catcher is a thing of beauty. And the patience of the players is well acknowledged.

tom lathrop says:

not many because there aren't that many stupid base runners. I hate trick plays at the little league level. Just play the game the way it was intended

Matt Wilkie says:

Runner would have been safe if he didn't hesitate when retreating

Corgis says:

I am a catcher and i really want to try this out sometime.

Jeff wacker says:

I used to do this with 1st and 3rd when i caught. I would never show i was looking down the line to check on what the runner was doing and sometimes turn my back, so the runner got the feeling i wasn't paying attention and got them to feel comfortable. They would take bigger leads the more and more they thought i wasn't looking.. Also the less and less they thought i wasn't looking they started to turn there back to me with their huge leads or even decide to turn and walk back. so when the runner looks down or away I would give the sign to my 1st or 3rd baseman. 95% of the runners that got lazy I would pick. It stopped working after some time cause the other coaches from around the league would catch on from scouting reports or just seeing it happen from the bleachers. I had a coach come up to me (from a team that wasn't even playing that day) and tell me he wasn't expecting that to happen and now knows to tell his team about me lol when he was watching from the stands.

Samantha Q says:

That was impressive!

L Buono says:

Really it takes that much he just throws through like its been done for as long as I can remeber that was 70s Im sure even further back sall they did was throw down to second Tee ball stuff

Mi Ri says:

Generally speaking the play although very nice, would never had worked had the runner been locked in and focused as he should have been on every pitch…

METO U says:

The signal was when he adjusted his chest protector… for a play like that you want the signal to be something that does not look out of place…not like a head coach or base coach that give many signals 1 after another…those are easier to pick up on… Which is why it's a good idea to change them often…

Daniel Martin says:

We're very crafty in Rhode Island !

uselessjoe says:

a team of all stars can do it; your average team a coach doesn't even like to get a runner in a run down because he doesn't have the 3-4 capable gloves to pull it off.

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