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Isaiah Izaguirre, (Gazelle J.R) is one of the top players in USA youth system. Training consist of PSG youth academy. 1080p HD
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jhonkenneth camit says:

Ilove the song!!!!!!!

Natalie Potter says:

Awwwww he is good and is cute

panda McFarlin says:

How about teaching him to use his other foot and to pass on his "no days off"

Caleb Daniel says:

That robano is awesome for a boy waw

Tuan hung Vo says:

He's not the best but he is good

Jaswant Athwal says:

Pass. And f you

Najma Ochan says:

لا يمكن حفظه

Yeram Park says:

it is a football skill

Sonia Beer says:

nice tricked⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

Валерий Шамилёв says:

Wow wow wow wow wow

Pranav Rana says:

Ah…That's the csgo song…

Mortal Combat says:

Look at the size of them goals

Misa Misa says:

I's nooo best

adnan qureshi says:

But hes NOT!

adnan qureshi says:

He thinks that he is the best player in the world

adnan qureshi says:

Hes a show of

adnan qureshi says:

Hes a ball hoger

adnan qureshi says:

But you are not

adnan qureshi says:

You think you are Cristiano Ronaldo

Michael Popadiuk says:

Why do I want to slide the shit out if this kid Idk I'm a psycho I guess

Jennifer Twomey says:

I'm. Better then. Him. Macroom. Won. The. Title. I. Got. 124. Goals in. 19. Matches

Pedro Alb says:

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TwisTz says:

He doesn't pass though he's a ballhog

Natalia Moreno says:


Asian Boi says:

Bruh I swear his parents are white and have never seen a professional soccer game.I bet they think he is a god.

Asian Boi says:

It’s easy for him to dribble around other kids only when they suck

Mathieu Marmier says:

Bold statement. Us soccer is really bad and he won’t develop there lol. Better luck in Europe if your serious.

Diego Rivera says:

Does he know he has teammates wide open?

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