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Best Big Guy Moments In NFL History (BRITS REACTION!)

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Best Big Guy Moments In NFL History (BRITS REACTION!)

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hifijohn says:

big guy moments in all american sports is a good one to react to. remember there is more to american sports than just nfl.

Faith Reasons says:

Interesting. Hold onto the ball and run off with it and the rest of the team clearing his way to the touchdown? Can you tell I know nothing about American football? 😂 I can see the difference compared to rugby where I find the passes more exciting. Much prefer this video compared to the other one you reacted to. 👍

Chuey's Mama says:

God bless huge American men! Even the big dudes are athletes, they have to be able to plow and run. DON'T EVER GRAB THE FACE MASK!!! If the ball is dropped it's a "fumble" and done. Loved this reaction Gentlemen.

MOTO237 says:

Please react to motocross/supercross battles and crashes

bigd7481 says:

Since you guys are starting to ask questions about the rules it might be time to watch the Rules of American Football:

Hardtack & Beans says:

Some of the compilations do have mostly college football. But I wouldn't put them down too much for that. They aren't professional content creators. 5:02 You can definitely tackle around the ankles or knees. But these big guys have legs like tree trunks. Running backs do too & a running back will just jump over the low tackle. In college I remember they trained how to step out of a low tackle. But it rarely worked for me. It would probably be best to grab high or around the waist to at least slow them then a mate come in to knock his feet out from under him (slide tackle). Or just knock him off balance at the waist or higher. I do still follow college football & there are different training techniques to avoid being tackled (or at least brought down) now that are quite effective. 7:52 Touchdown is a bit of a misnomer guys. The ball doesn't have to be touched down to get a touchdown. Back 130 years ago this may have been required (where it got the name) just like rugby. But all you have to do now is break the plane of the goal line with the ball. So if there is a big sheet of glass on the end zone, if the ball is in the possession of a the player and breaks that glass, it is a touch down. Not their body, but the ball has to cross that. Alternately a pass caught in the end zone (even for a second) is also a touchdown. They can even drop the ball afterwards, the touchdown is already made. 8:29 This play is a bit more complicated (as is all American football rules). The defensive player caught the interception in their own end zone. So it will be a touch back. There is no score here but they did stop the other team from scoring & it will be brought out to Oakland Raider's 20 yard line & it will be their ball. 10:26 This one is a designed play. The big guy isn't just in the right place accidentally. He was sent down field as a receiver. 11:07 Not quite. If a forward pass is dropped and never had possession of it, it is called an incompletion (dead ball at that point). Now if a forward pass is caught (in possession of the ball) then they drop it, it is a fumble (ball still in play) and any player defensive or offense can go for it. 12:13 This maybe the best big man moment of all. Larry Allen (325 lbs) just chased down a speedy linebacker that just intercepted the ball. That is so classic. And not likely to be seen again for a long time. The movie 'The Blind Side' is a tribute to all big men in football. But it's greatest inspiration may have been Larry Allen.

Now I have a question . . . In your new intro, what is BP1 pointing down at? LOL!! Great reaction.

Peter Richards says:

Great, I enjoy NFL and it's catching on big time in the UK. It's good to switch it up now and again. That said I must mention that Daneliya Tuleshova has just dropped her brand new cover "The Hills by The Weekend" you just might be the first to react.

Pavel Suvorov says:

There is no such football in Russia, there is rugby.Thanks friends, interesting reaction!👍🇷🇺

Elaine Howard says:

Hi guys, wow this sport is brutal, I can never understand the rules of American sports, I wouldn’t like to get in the way of one of those guys. Thank you for sharing this video 🤗🤗🤗

Lord Lockdowns Jukebox says:

Haha that was a bit of fun although I'm not really a fan of NFL, I prefer English football even though it's not as entertaining. Cheers!

frank phillips says:

Love watching Brits learn the American football game. The more you learn the game the more you'll want to watch. I struggle with soccer, or what you guys call "real" football, LOL. Young people in America really enjoy soccer and understand it but my generation didn't grow up with it. Almost all schools now have soccer programs. A couple of thoughts, you cannot trip a player, big penalty. If a receiver catches a ball and holds onto it long enough it's a complete pass then if he drops the ball in the field of play it's a "fumble" and it's a live ball and can be recovered by the opposing team and even run back the other way if he was not touched by the opposing team at the time of the recovering the football. One more thought, once the nose of the football touches any part of the goal line it's a touchdown, so the feet do not have to be inside the goal line so long as the carrier's knees do not touch the infield. Lots of rules and can get a little complicated but over time you learn them!! FYI College football is as big as the NFL in the US. Thanks gents, really enjoyed this.

capstan50g says:

American football rules are super-complicated, for sure. I think it's great to get that outsider perspective from you two. Having sport from time to time makes a nice change. Great work, BPR!

Rizki Kamal says:

Hai again bp1 and bp2 hhe…
Obviously generally we call football is football but they are calling "soccer" in USA hhe… it's is true…?

I have another suggestion for you guys… it's kind have relationship with the sport also hhe…
It will be different way to react… because this video is like the biggest event show ever In Indonesia… i think… especially for me as Indonesian… hhe…
this is "Opening highlight ceremony of asian games 2018 celebrated in Indonesia"

The Interesting here :

– The opening its started uniquely like opening in olympic london 2012 "The Queen London and Mr. James bond" but this is in different way hhe…
– We can see the highlight of any kind of different music especially the folk song are show in here
– Every great talent in Indonesia put all their maximun effort to make this show to be never forgotten after seen it
– And probably give you a new experience "a lot of different culture" and even now i just don't know, how Indonesia really can make a such great show like this…? hhe…

By the way if you interesting, i put the link

By the way i'm fan of liverpool… from another world… "you will never walk alone" hhe….

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