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All Content is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and edit them into tiny mixes.



Henry The Dog YT says:

I like the intro

G9ldenLem9n says:

I thought I was the only one who gets chills

LimaWhiskey28 says:

Bruh, first clip all you needed

IceKxng says:

0:50 we now know siren head was in attendance of that game

Ephraim Webber says:

I’ll remember Auburn vs Alabama forever!

Lil Me says:

Best unknown plays

Landen Ridings says:

Announcers messed up the sound quality


😭😭😭 I didn't get chills ☹️ why,im broken 💔 ahhhhhhà

Andy MayGoAllTheWay7 says:

Now think about how those auburn plays were in back to back weeks 😉

Zachary Ellis says:

Shoutout 17 on Vikings for picking up the ball

B GRIZZY says:

“20,25 30,35 40, 45,50,45” shit gives me chills every time

Jake Massey says:

You guys need to watch proper football.

lintlickerben says:

Auburn's single 2013 year made two clips XD

Cosmic Tuxedo says:

@1:58 Hulk Hogan in the crowd like "Oh Brother! Holy Shit!"

SoDedicated6 says:

What the hell is dukes football team doing being rated higher than the U

PTLC Neni says:

When he scored the ref threw a flag like what was the point of throwing the flag on Stefan digs touchdown there was 0 seconds left

Hunter Craig says:

Duke got screwed sooooooo bad

Hunter Craig says:

That sideline view is the absolute best view of the Minneapolis Miracle

Kyle Griffy says:

Looks like the miami miracle lol

lyricalprophet100 says:

Goddamn! I got chills as soon as that crowd started to roar!!! FUCK!!

⚡️Typical Flash⚡️ says:

When the car speaker is to loud

Eliteagentin_Yt says: wäre nett wenn ihr mal bei mir vorbeischauen könntet 🙂 würde mir echt viel bedeuten

Brenden Bushay says:

The Vikings game gives me chills til this day and I’m a lions fan 😭

Kaleb Lofgren says:

first clip: when you score the winning goal in to for 10 min or get the winning kill in a game

Hunter Conklin says:

dude the intro😔😔 good times

Adrian Edwards says:

That ending song kinda hard

Mikey hky says:

The first one

Mango Boy says:

Lol miami almost played rugby right there

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