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Best Clutch/Game Winning Plays in College Football History

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Song: Heart of Courage – Two Steps From Hell (Extended)

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the CNtaco says:

Check out the best clutch/game winning plays of the 2016-17 college football season.

Jon Moore says:

5:00 I remember exactly where I was that day App st beat Mich. Sitting in a hotel room in Dallas Texas, drinking beer and eating a pizza getting ready for a friends wedding.

Virginia Floyd says:

1:30 R.I.P. headphone users

Art says:

Cal vs. Stanford at 7:10 still the g.o.a.t. a play that everyone refers to when it is done today.
I was in the rooting section that day and count believe it. It took five minutes to get the official ruling and the place went wild, a) because we won't the coveted Axe and b) it was the greatest present that Cal could have gave John Elway on his last NCAA game.
Oh yeah and that poor trombone player, LOL.

Charlie Robbins says:

Ohio State at Purdue 2000????

Philip Tucker says:

Drew Bree's Boilermaker Hail Mary better be on here 😡

Z & L's Adventures says:

any one watching in 2019

own_the bathroom says:

4:234:27 -.- Notre Dame …

Rodrick Evans says:

At 2:13…this is the greatest play I have ever seen. Auburn beating Bama.

Bobby Godinez says:

I guess you can say they barely CLINCHED the win

Young JJ_Plays GTA says:

2:12 I saw that live

FS Skies says:

Anyone know what the song in the background is

Rylan Swenson says:

Little disappointed there is no NDSU over Iowa on here

Sandeep Chanduri says:

Damn they put my McNeese in this? 🤦‍♂️ Anyone from McNeese? #GeauxPokes

Crunchy Trojan says:

Nebraska has better clutch wins then that but that one was a good one

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