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Eli Rob YT says:

Ah, Derek Jeter's last game was iconic

Hank Shepherd says:

Im sorry but NCAA football and MLB crowds are simply the best.

Hunter Craig says:

Watching the Minneapolis Miracle from crowd view is amazing

Dash- says:

jeter hit dif

Larmy Vallot Jr says:

2:52 happiness comes from the simplest things

sebastian lopez says:

bruh at 5:09 you cant hear the rest of the buzzer. you only hear like a second of it.

sebastian lopez says:

You shouldve done UF v LSU football game in 2019, it was loud! it was a sold out game. An d the first sold out game in a very long time. and go to the part were florida intercepts the ball towards the end of the game.

Minteew says:

2:22 best one for sure

dkintana says:

That Third part looked like you can't even see what's happening and because the camera is just shaking so much.The only thing that you can hear is the crowd going BIG TIME SUPER WILD at 1:20

Stephen H. Smith says:

ima miss this

Mark Smith says:

Look up Tennessee vs Florida 1998 go to the end when Florida misses the field goal in overtime.

David Goldman says:

I was going to mention the Pirates game with Cueto on the last video….That was by far the most deafening crowd noise I've ever heard. And i was outside the stadium on the Clemente Bridge for that moment.

Brandon Horton says:

2 vids a no KC clips 2015 royals we 2014 chiefs record breaking crowd noise and SB 54 champs great vids otherwise

Todd Edwards says:

Again where is anything from the proven loudest stadium in the NFL………..

Sean Ortega says:

I think he should add game 3 of the world series walk off

Zeelidox says:

If you have a part 3 do the winter classic game of 2019 Dallas vs Nashville it was th second most attended game in hockey history and I was at it

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