Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


Best funny dogs interrupt work from home live interviews news reports compilation 2021

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DeDeDaddy says:

The anchor at 1:20 did a really good job of reeling the conversation back in.

Da doggo says:

2:34 my dog would do that

Kanyaah Jane Sorden says:

Animals make everything better. Even newscasts and Zoom calls for work.

Shiva Sirjani says:


Robert Perez says:

First reporter- bad things throughout the world

Doggo- NOPE! Not today, Brenda! I takes your microphone

Reporter- hey! Get back!

Doggo- this just in, price of treatos going up! Reporter fat, need lose weight

Mappster says:

the sunshine is increasing and there is a dog behind me

Alyssa says:

“The dog ate my notes”😂🤣

chris soto says:

How did she keep a straight face 😂

Heather Wonnacott-Helm says:

I liked the videos, it gave me a smile and a laugh, i think if you work in a office setting, i think we should have a national bring your dog to work day, the childern can stay in school lol! These are very cute videos

John Anderson says:

Is the person in the studio in the first and third clips the same person?

CantStayAway says:

dogs are the best 🙂

Plato86 says:

Is that first one real? Wtf?

ThunderAppeal says:

Thats actually very French.

The00qa says:

2:54 that dog fits perfectly to the performance🍀

Reedus Angels says:


Arif ansari says:

The dog must be like mom give me d paper.In 1.47

Ilija Nedeljkovic says:

Those dogs that walk on his boss head and jump on him in his chair nees a good beat up. Those are fucking rude dogs who dont listen at all and people let them do everything
Beat the shit of fucking animals

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