Best NFL Catch Each Season (2000 – 2017)

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Extremely sorry for keeping everybody in the dark. Back uploading on a regular schedule. Stay tuned for 11k giveaway.


Cooper Wilton says:

He put Odell next to Landry… Browns predicted

Houston Sanderfield says:

Anyone know the music playing when the honorable mention segment started?

Jonathan Thompson says:

Why are like 3 of these Miami vs Oakland

Shelia Ellison says:

How is the Kearse (Seahawks) and Julian (Patriots) both honorable mentions!?!? Both were INSANE and both were SUPERBOWL moments…

Sahith Sivalanka says:

Who came for all the seahawks plays?

Cameron Marko says:

cant believe odell was in 2014??

Joseph Maique says:

Where’s the Brent Grimes INT?

Chris Negley says:

haven’t watched through it but edelman’s catch in the super bowl has to be on this

Luis González says:

Where is the Beasley's catch?

AlmostGreatNate says:

Falcons got rolled 3 times in this video but made it up with the Julio catch

J Adam says:

lotta dolphins love… but they are all legit amazing!

Ryan Duffy says:

Very well put together

Masonl lLaBranche says:

9:15. How the heck??

Gavin Winkler ! says:

Fuck the patriots

Bryan Uhl says:

So I'm guessing Antonio Brown doesnt exists anymore or something?

James Christie says:

The catches in 2001 -2002 are really underrated


Wheres aaron to richard rodgers?

Maki Vlogs says:

Once again the vikings don't get ANY credit.#vikings are underrated

George Withenburg says:

What about Cole Beasley’s backplate catch

Prizzm says:

I was gonna say what about DeAndre hopkins' catch vs the Steelers but this was a year before

Fabian Bolanos says:

What about Brent Grimes?

Brody says:

2004 season must've been pretty boring

Jake Haddix says:

Where's Julio Jones

Uhh Tubist says:

I think the honorable mentions were better than some of the “best” catches

Sean Fox says:

Some of these dates are really off.

dgrawns says:

Yall forgot the one handed snag Gronk made vs Denver in 2014. (Honorable Mention obviously)

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