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A look at the best trick plays of the 2018-19 College Football season!

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Kos Sports says:

What was your favorite trick play this season?


Steph Curry

Alexia Gallagher says:

The gamy pentagon singly vanish because seashore climatologically sneeze outside a tangy learning. quack, tart ellipse

x x says:

Too many of these were with the trick play running team already way up against the other, who was often a lower tier school. Unless you have a beef, why??

Dale J says:

That would be a hard one to pick …. They are all awesome 🧑🏼‍💻

John Dupree says:

This video is a ton of fun, but the guy who used the non-word "trickeration" needs to have his privates hooked up to a car battery…

Slaton Huish says:

Trick play works
“amazing play call from the coaches!!! WOW”
trick play doesn’t work
“What was the coach thinking on the sidelines like fr?!”

Joe Cook says:

At two minutes, malarkey, whose name means bullshit, did a fake?

huskyjerk says:

Flea Flickers is all this is.

Jonathan Parks says:

You really cannot have a double pass.

caudice says:

guy in the 2nd clip so lucky he didn't get blown up lol

maninredhelm says:

Up 24 at the end of the 3rd on an exhausted lower division Murray State team is definitely an effective time for a SEC school to call a trick play. Can't argue with the likely effectiveness of that call.

Drake Lamb says:

Anybody else notice the second clip of Utah State is an entirely different player? 8:57

Doomlerious 2019 says:

How about E. Washington, I never really paid attention to it until now, my goodness what a play 5:19

CJ White says:

Half of these were on UCLA

Adam Eves says:

There is no such thing as a 2018-2019 season when talking about football. You actually meant to say the 2018* season. College football regular season is over well before any year change. Bowl games and playoffs don't count towards the season.

killer tornado608 says:

The Best Trick has to be 0:25

Sand Town says:

At 1:56 what was so special about that play? Teams in the NFL do it just about every game.

Bj Williams says:

Gotta say one thing…i don't know if it's been pointed out but sometimes the broadcaster calls a reverse when really it is an end around or sweep type action

Michael Mish says:

Michigan. State does more trick plays than any other. Dantonio up is always doing sneaky things.

Henrik Slaug says:

What happened after the 2nd play? I do realize that he did not call a fair catch and was never touched but to me it was a clear fair catch! He acted like hd was going no where and thd opponent did not try to tackle!

jh says:

Its not a football. Fottball plays by foot not with hands…its a clone of rugby.

David Thomas says:

5:35 isn’t as much a trick play… more of one man just overpowering the entire defense 😂😂😂

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