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Jon icey says:

I miss steve about heart of a lion dude was a fucking warrior. When people lined up across from him they did not want those problems and it showed…..

Harrison Shenelle says:

You got most of this from Janis Vollkminn

gil randall says:

I tell you what this game got a chance to get ugly matter of fact I think it might get ugly right now you know what it is getting ugly right now馃槀馃槶

Gohan Barracuda says:

I don't really watch a lot of sports but I subscribed to you. I hope that helps. I hope you get your silver play button soon, buddy.

Xavier Coltey says:

Here鈥檚 750

Archive for rap channels that are blocked by UMG says:

You stole this video from Highlight Heaven

Mr.Tryhardguitarguy says:

Dislike for the fucking begging

mythicalworld 437 says:

You have 631 subs ur goal should be 1000 not 100,000

Brown says:

You're not getting a silver play button if you beg for it like that.

Isaac Rader says:

Odell is too much lol XD

Edis Evo says:

you stole this video from the other guy.

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