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Borelli Motor Sports: 87 Corvette C4 w/E-Rod LS3 Engine Swap(360rwhp)

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All E-ROD crate engine systems – 5.3L, LS3 and LSA – are certified by California Air Resources Board (CARB) and carry Executive Order numbers. This enables enthusiasts to install the engine kit in 1995- and-earlier cars and trucks that predate OBD II on-board emissions diagnostics.

All engine systems are offered in automatic- and manual transmission calibrations and each includes the engine controller and other necessary components, including:
Exhaust manifolds
Catalytic converters
Oxygen sensors and sensor bosses
Fuel tank evaporative emissions canister
Mass airflow sensor and sensor boss
Accelerator pedal (for use with the electronic throttle body)
Air filter
Instruction manual

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Borelli Motor Sports is a unique automotive shop that provides trusted and expert maintenance and performance modifications, race car rentals and services, and premier-class storage. Our knowledgeable technicians have a combined 75 years of experience and are unsurpassed in their specialties.


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