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this is what my cat Gizmo does every time we are watching boxing


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Clifford Hritz says:

so awesome. RIP, Gizmo


GTFO!!!!! This cat is really into the fight????

Alan Partridge ahh haa says:

Still better than amir khan..

Sion thefool says:

He is hanging out with Ali now 🙁

Anthony Cooper says:

Love this video Omar. I work at SPORTbible. Are we OK to use this with a credit to you?

Robert Gardner says:

Who's watching in 2017?

Erik Galvan says:

R.i.P Cat …. i bet your owners loved you a lot

Robin Lim says:

i see a world champion

ゴールドコーストで釣りしようぜ! 本店 says:

I also have a cat named Gizmo, exactly same color just longer hair.
But he doesn't do what your Gizmo did.

R.I.P. Gizmo.

E105_Alpha says:

I wish my cats does the same thing

Neo Stjärnkvist says:

Lol ???

B King says:

He's training.

Mfb says:

Espero que persegueixis molts ratolins en el cel. Fins sempre Gizmo.

森正人 says:


Blackshido says:

Tony Baker where u at

Kyle McClean says:

Just uploaded a video of my cat boxing. Check it out!

JD Gzan says:

RIP, Gizmo — you were clearly a very cool cat (and had some mad boxing skills!)

Mauricio Isidro says:

Bro I totally agree that cats are like the funniest pets they do so many cilly things.

baezaileen713 says:

i say kitty won the fight

Douglas Snyder says:

Cat was doing shadow-boxing.

TheKolin63 says:

Funny love it

Il vitello dai piedi di balsa says:

Gizmo passed away? Don't be sad, he will reincarnate and become the greatest boxe champion of all times.

Josh Sanford says:

one of the best southpaws I've ever seen

Tyler says:

just so you know, im stealing your cat

Nihilsciens says:

Anyone has a rational explanation for this?

Eric Stefko says:

cool kitty sorry that Gizmo passed

Lorena Roman says:

it's kitty canelo

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