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Alright here is the first part of the boxing footwork series explaining some common mistakes and easy fixes. We look at stepping, pivoting, balance, and creating angles in fighting. Footwork is essential for any fighting style, and though styles are different from one another, the basic principles of footwork and balance still apply.

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If you’re on your heels, crossing your feet, have too narrow of a stance, or are just off balance, you are susceptible to knockdowns and won’t have any real power in your strikes. In other words, ya gotta stay balanced at all times! Make sure you’re not making any of the mistakes in this video.

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RealTalkOttawa says:

You fuckin' missed Shane

kj;ldsajf /lkafdjl says:

Is there a way I can send you my video so you can give me tips and critique my form.

Linton Greaves says:

Now that's that spartan kick lol

Fabian Valadez says:

Fred nooooooooo!

Borat Sagdiyev says:

I'm really new to boxing so I'm probably way off with this but it looks like your guard is really low here. In training I was always told to keep the right hand almost next to your ear and the left a bit lower and in front.

rich sweet says:

Excellent tips, I'm learning lots!!

Samuel Daniel says:

Wide stance reminds me of how niggas in the hood squabble.

Jamie Born says:

not looking when your punching. punching blind

ShriekingPotato says:

why tf does Fred have three joints in his right arm

Travis Bickle says:

Back in the day when two samurai had a duel to the death it would sometimes last for HOURS because of footwork, stiller than statues. Day into night. Rain or snow. The reason for this is because it was life or death, each stroke/mistake meant potential death from counter-attack. Nobody died from the first strike, its all about the counter-attack and set-up. They would imitate each other's movements like a mirror (stance) with perfect symmetry slowly side-stepping so that neither opponent could get the drop on the other to deliver the killing blow. This is achieved by proper footing, using your surroundings.

Imagine swordplay as an extreme version of boxing. You could die or get a limb hacked off, crippled forever. Your footwork is what controls your opponent's footwork, its ALL about the footwork. You can have the nicest punches in the world but if you can't get in and set up that perfect KO…


if those are dreadlocs in ur hair im jealous as fuck bruh
im black and my shit still aint loc up after 3 months! –_______– (off topic ik)

Morgan Lloyd says:

Love it, Sir. You and JT are my absolute favorites. You're great with the fundamentals and details. Thanks.

Gagan Yadav says:

My wish is that in a fight, my opponent would be that green man. ?

Tristin Fortner says:

holy crap ive been sliding my feet

Agent Migs says:


Daniel Nolan says:

Fred The Green Man Is Dead ??

Leroy821000 says:

Fred is ded

Knight King says:

So we just let him kill Fred like that? Damn, #greenlivesmatter

Old Crow says:

This is so well explained that if I didn't know better I'd be getting an ego boost from how much and how quickly I was able to see progress in my footwork after watching it.

Citizen Kinetics says:

Great vids man!

Jesus Silva says:

I'm starting a GOFUNDME for Fred . He went out like a warrior should have the proper burial . You should have never put a experienced boxer against such a green fighter

Jonathan Reyes says:

How to pivot ? Lol

yeaa booii says:

keep your feet slightly wider then your shoulders

kumainHD says:

Please watch this in 0.25x speed ????

Anyname willdo says:

that stance after the 1-2 is very narrow, u miss ur getting sat down.

Araceli Arenas says:

Thanks really helped my form and now my jabs feel way more powerful

shah ghajar says:

Cool vids thanks man…

Kwon Boomerz Beats says:

You fucking killed Fred the green man!!!!!!

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