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A female boxer vs a goofy martial arts guy in this funny choreographed martial arts movie scene, in the style of the Tekken video game series.



Scarlatipos Scarlatipos says:

perfeitos parabens

Julie Xiang says:

Girl just go join kung fu like I did. You'll be better

abhishek chaturvedi says:


Deepak Sane says:

KungFu trained person can easily defeat a boxer.wrong video?

jean kaha zoue says:

donné les détails de la boule pie verts plus vers l'heroe4 L'ellens ive l'à devenge

jean kaha zoue says:

s'est et Ellen se

abdallah alkhalagi says:

So good ???

Diego Jose says:

How did the guy get beat up someone who knows Martial arts can beat up someone who knows boxing

Yandere Chan says:

She's corny af.

Candan Boro says:


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