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Hit harder in boxing by practicing with a heavy bag to create strain in the arms and hips, planting the foot and reaching the punch across the body. Focus on punches using the entire back with help from an amateur boxer in this free video on boxing skills.

Expert: Jonathon Uzcategui
Bio: Jonathon Uzcategui has a diverse background in martial arts and boxing.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC



Jonathan Registre says:

Wanderlei silva teaching boxing ?

Dyered says:

Is that Vin diesel

Jay Atwood says:

:12. "This is very very boring." lol important

That Car Guy says:

"and thats how you hit hard" licks lips… LOL that was great

Mr Grandi says:

my new born baby daughter has more power in her left hand than this Vin Desil look alike

Reginald Curtis says:

ew he licked all that sweat off his top lip

Reginald Curtis says:

an das how you hit hard ?

Darth Vader says:

Gayest video ever

TheVoid says:

I would rape you I would play with you I would send you to your childhood if we even spared. And I would make you a better man. Humble….

TheVoid says:

I would sooooo fuck you up boy it's not even funny 😀 what a fuckin moron. Youtube shoud start deleting some of the wideos to make room for normal videos insted of this shit taking a name " Boxing Skills : How to Hit Harder"

TheVoid says:

You are a CHAMP in MMA.. Where? What organization? How long? Witch year? GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER


Fagot punch


Fuck you're weak lol


Living prove of Vin Diesel and Ludacris' relation, lost brothers

Branko Loyovich says:

Hit hard lol that's classic bro hahahahahahaha

BLKDOUT Z28 says:

don't forget to plann dad fuut.

Pavel Yenakiyev says:

you didn't hit that hard you know

Borka Covic says:

what are you?? champion of what??

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