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Sexy sign holder girl at 0:41


Some of my music:



Love Life says:

You guys need youre own show like Jack ass did. youd make big bucks

Johny Bravo says:

Dude he need to find a brother or a mexican with balls

Henry Garcia says:

You should box Charlie Z!

Vando GG says:

He sounds different here than his newer videos

d a n i e l says:

Niggas dont skip leg day

Adrian D says:

Hahaha you've got some fckin balls??

Chill Moon says:

0:44 Could've swore Seth Rogen was laughing just now ?

Kelly Reed says:

@RossCreations do this prank again but put peanut butter or something in the glove

That Specific Individual says:

The new Creed film looks good.

Sumsum04 says:

are you tryna scrap? i’m dead

Ryan Wolver says:

0:43 HIS GAY 😉

Eclipse Wolfy says:

It reminds me when I didn't know how to box lmao


He's a big guy
I want to be like him!!

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