Mama India [Reloaded] is one of the best tunes, and if you don't know it yet, you soon will because this is yet another example of great house music.


Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation

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Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation
Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation
Break Up & Heartbroken | Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation

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big Mac says:

Damn I’m hear after a bad break up

Unstoppable says:

6 months and still thinking about her. Fkkkkkkkk get outta my head!

wesley strawn says:

1:13 best part

Hritik Sharma says:

1:11 i really shouted that…this really helped my way through that shit…thx man peace ????

Andreas K says:

The last guy that speaks! Does anyone know who that is??

desii gner says:

Makes me feel so much better because by reading the comments make you realise I am not the only one going through this shit. Constantly miserable, every single day thinking about that person and feel completely lost in life but gym is the answer, honestly. Going gym everyday, letting your anger out helps so much.

Amine Mraouni says:

please can any body tell me the name of the booth songs in the video ?

David Pumarejo says:

1:11 by far my favorite part.

Zach Scott says:

Two days ago my girlfriend blind sided me and left me. With no real reasons, it could have been fixed, but she didn’t want to. She lied to me for two weeks and led me on to believe everything was okay and then out of nowhere we went from “okay” to not in each other’s lives anymore. I was getting attached to her son too. So I lost that also. After that phone call I was up that night from midnight to 0700 drinking. I wanted to drink myself to death. I didn’t care about anyone or anything, I felt like I lost everything. And right now I’m in this constant state of feeling where I feel like I’m dying a little every day, like I’m never going to make it, like the walls are going to just slowly crush me. It’s hard to breathe, it’s hard to get up and eat, it’s hard to do anything. I just want so bad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want so bad to be pulled out of this hell that I am in. I am desperate for anything to save me from this. I need to get out of this. I just feel like I’m not going to make it. ?

Selvamani Sparkz says:

Jeremy buendia

Cosmonaut Crusher says:

You don't wanna shit.

jztswole says:

3 1/2 year relationship and she broke up with me for another guy instantly said fuck this shit i ain't going to waste months on this and started training heavy again and went on a pretty clean bulk. now 5 months later 6'0 in height and 200lbs at ~14% bodyfat going for a 4 month cut, even started to think about competing in 2019 if my next bulk goes well. It took me a few months to realize, but you must be really careful, there is toxic people out there who can suck out your motivation for the things you love. I actually feel like if we still were together it would be a massive barrier to become the best version of myself, which is what we all have to do in order to be happy with our actions. insane how i never thought this kind of experience can shape someones mindset in such a major way.

D C says:

I really fucking needed this right now… she's gone and I gotta accept that and move on!

Adair Sanchez says:

Seriously needed this ,the girl I loved and was planning on building a future with broke up with me, saying she no longer felt the same ,she was no longer in love with me …being at the gym fills the emptiness I feel in my heart

Adamsalguri Momin says:

fitness change my life its not easy but i learned so much and now im stronger and better thn ever

Umar Zarger says:

Hit it guys……everybody goes through pain…we all know how much it hurts but i wanna tell you just one thing….MAKE HER FU*KING REGRET….

Aj Prapavat says:

whats the name of the song played in this video?

Jose Molina says:

It's so hard right now I'm in the most complicated love situation this is the first time I've ever been in love. I'm not sure if she wants to be with me or not I'm so scared what she will say when I tell her. I wish the best for me and those going through this

Dbone Stevens says:

Not as good as this but check me out please
Hey guys your not alone, I just made a video on my page first one please check it out and leave your comments

Ariel Velasquez says:

Im going through a hard break up after 2 years… i really love this girl but she lost feelings for me. Whats beating me up are the memories and thinking “ what if “ ugh

Hridkamal Sur says:

The music that is playing in the very beginning of this video. Can you please tell me the name of the track? love it so much .

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