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Breaking The Unwritten Rules (part 5)

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Baseball has many Unwritten Rules! Don’t break them! #MLB #Sports #WesleyAPEX

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Outro Song – Somebody Someone by Korn

*** i do Not own any rights to the video clips used. All rights belong to the Leagues. This is strictly a video made by a fan for fans! ***

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WesleyAPEX says:

Here’s my fishing channel give me a sub!

Jack says:

Cone should be put in fucking prison. There is no bigger bitches in the world than MLB pitchers

Element Feeds says:

Lucroy: Gets railed by Jake
Jake gets called out for not using the outside lane
Crybaby biased announcer: “That’s a terrible call”

William says:

What was that Noise?

Hey Frosty says:

4:32 that was intentional, in every way

Wes says:

When you signed up for MLB, you joined the pussies, you joined the baby EGO's game, you don't get to decide that you'll take a HBP but only in these parts of your body. Your head is OPEN GAME, accept it or go home.

James J says:

Kind of weak

just a guy says:


Heaven Phillips says:

I dont see what wrong with being happy with your performance

AverageJoeGaming says:

The way Jake Marisnick took that was amazing. He knew was gonna get hit, took it like a champ and moved on

Canadian Ape says:

This compilation should be called stupid announcers a

Claire Goulet says:

The commentators during Pedro Gurerro were racist pieces of shit. It's okay for the pitcher to hit the batter, but you swing that bat at the pitcher and you better be suspended. He threw at him 3 balls in a fucking row. That pitcher should be missing teeth.

Star Fox Sucks says:

Bro as a catcher you got to expect that and your team shouldn’t be mad at that. They would do the same thing if it came down to it

Krafka Kyle says:

Don't piledriver the catcher!!!

Krafka Kyle says:

Some pitchers just can't handle the heat!

rticle15 says:

Pujols was yelling "quit banging on that trash can!"

Chris Pendleton says:

Pitchers are pretty big bitches

kdwaynec says:

I like the intent of the DH rule but these headhunters make me hate it

Fi T says:


Fi T says:


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