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British Soccer Fan Reacts To The Greatest Trickshots in Sports | #1 (1 in a Million)

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deecap71 says:

I think the referee counts as part of the field, if so that last field goal didn't count.

Cpt. James K Morgan says:

#ThatCounted Completely counted. I love this stuff.

Jason Abbitt says:

I think it counted.

SirWadsOnToast says:

Golf imo is one of the most boring sports to watch. But i must admit these hole in one shots are insane.

Damian_ Power02 says:

Man, love your videos!! been watching them all day, keep going, we love you!

Fridge56Vet says:

Haha, I was at the Jose Canseco header home-run game. Totally "Wait, what?" Moment.

Darrin Lindsey says:

The field goal counts.

Jeff Burdick says:

9:50 it counts.

Luem D says:

Plz react to time beach by Austin McConnell

P P says:

ever comentated on mlb crazy weather?

Tristan Dunsmore says:

React to Americas game the 2009 Saints you would really like it its from the only year they won the Super Bowl

Super Cam is better then stat patty Mahomes says:

Could you react to a video about the American Spanish war if you havent already

Connoriscool says:

Can you react to most electrifying dunks in college basketball
Heres link:

will robinson says:

Lol, that last one was funny, nice reaction mate.

Ethan Aronson says:

Literally Anything: happens
Beesly: OH WOOWW!

WTD Productions says:

speaking of 7-10 split, a 19 year old just made the first one on tv in like 30 years the other day

memsurs memsurs says:

The MLS season starts this week. You should check out the MLS stadiums.

Jancarlo Anaya says:

Great video man!!!! Plz react to Radioactive from the 2021 Martinsville NASCAR race!! Plz

Hunter Bidens Crack Pipe says:

A couple weeks ago I suggested funny NFL introductions and I got a heart for it and it still hasnt happened.

Cajun Rambeaux says:

Im pretty sure that last clip counted. I can do a little more research. Ill edit this comment with my findings

It counted:

Jon Riggs says:

Rice University is in Houston, Texas.

Richard Yockelson says:

Another great video good job young buck

Bill Pickard says:

Hey mate 10K subscribers by Friday or Saturday. Way to smash. Shout out to Millie

jartstopsign says:

That's honestly the only time I've ever seen an extra point or field goal doink off the refs head and through the uprights lol but I think it has to count. Every now and then the ref will get in the way of someone going over the middle but it's not like they're an active player so a ref can't flag another, they're basically treated like ghosts so it must have counted

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