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Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home – 25 Minute Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout

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Jt Testman says:

Girl, that's not a kick, that's more like a strange leg raise.

Tracy Hoffman says:

Loved it. Thanks!

Dalal Al Moammar says:

Thank you?

Shell B says:

My favorite one so far. It's fun and you work up sweat! Thanks so much Kelly, you are a diamond.

Razlin Zulaika says:

literally did this for a week straight with a clean diet and lost 3 kg already!!

KC mom2mom says:

Love it!!!!!!!! Thanks!

lock heart says:

Thanks for kicking my butt! This made me realize my potential with kickboxing.

State Crime says:

Drink carrot juice before working out to lose weight and clean up your system. Betacarotene in carrots is a fat-soluble and works real-world.

purple ghoul says:

All I can say is "WOOOOWW!!" I am sweating so hard. Great workout!!

roger Avila says:

Wow very nice work out???

Gavin Friesen says:

I didint do the workout i just wanted to see girl kickboxing

Listi says:

This is what I've always looking for! Thanks

Roblox&MinecraftPokemonMaster777 says:

Sexy Legs…

Dina Rofika Sary Pasaribu says:

Mayan gua ikutin ini 3 minggu sm jaga pola makan turun 5 kg..pas awal2 rasanya badan kek mo remuk???

I am Sapphire says:

Omg…i totally watched this earlier and thought heck no…how i ended up even starting is beyond me. And I didnt die…and i fricking enjoyed it. Someone posted about pretending they were punching their depression and that motivated me. Thanks whoever you are…either on this or the shorter kickboxing vid Kelli did. To think i was in tears earlier tonight and every excuse in the b9ok surfaced…i fricking did it…elated. I didn't spoil the first day of 2018 and I'm oh so pumped now. Thanks Kelli and my good friend Trish who made me even peep on fitness blender today

Kozmik Cat says:

More like 15 minutes of kickboxing themed cardio followed by 10 minutes of light stretching, still effective as an entry level routine tough.

Nhật Tuấn says:

Spin your front leg while u punch

Amy-Claire Walsh says:

Absolutely LOVE it!

navya tumparthy says:

I want to loose 22 pounds can this workout helps me? I started today but i am done at 9 min. I don't know how to complete whole workout.

Timetraveler 11 says:

I am 65 kgs and 5"0' tall. I hope to lose 10 kgs with this workout in next 3 months.

CharlyKnowsBetterTV says:

Das Video feier ich ! ! wieder mal ON POINT

Excuses DaFuq says:

Omg, I actually managed to stick through the whole thing what the helllll

Taimoor shah says:

Plzz watch my video

Vikash Pal says:

I love this video to my fitness

catface says:

this is intense! enjoyed a lot

Liv Young says:

Can you one where I don’t have to jump so my mom doesn’t think the ceiling is about to collapse

Joy❇Dreamer? says:

This workout requires so much coordination
Be careful that your form isn't off
Most of the time, my form was incorrect ? but I still completed it

Goku says:

This is the most easy workout

D S says:

for killer kickboxing  workout change the speed to 1.5!

Zaynah Lodge says:

thank you x

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