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Our Anatolian Shepherd versus our Siamese Cat. Oh the joys of pet ownership.



noodle Gang says:

Bob and weave

noodle Gang says:

C'mon fly like a butterfly sting like a bee dog

Gravey's Brew Reviews & Brewery says:

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, it's the one and only Meowhammad Ali

vitameat says:

If this cat could kick, call it Meow Thai CAT!

KoolCat ! says:

Cats…. Mother Nature's Fiercest Boxers

Chris Keller says:

Cat (Mike Tyson) vs Dog (Trevor Berbick)

fab P says:


Bryan A.Cal says:

lol…cat: don't smell my butt you dirty dog

Joe Griego says:

"Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!"

Reap Freshing says:

ultra… ultra… ultra

Dariusz Czerwonka says:

Connor Meowgregor

Da Dragon Durp says:

Why isn't there a cat breed named boxer as well?

Hassan Syed says:

That cat has some real fast paw speed.

Swanqueenfan says:

oh God this is too funny I love cats ??

Artur says:

Watch in half speed and put on Rocky music

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