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Chelsea 0-1 Leicester City Post Match Analysis | Premier League Review Reaction

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Anderton Chigoneka says:

Hazard has done well actually so far 10 goals and 12 assists that is pretty great and he isn't a striker you can't ask him to do that.
He is a skillful winger who likes taking on defenders not main striker

zayed warsama says:

Hazard's false nine role isn't different from his normal role. I don't know if you're paying attention or not, but Hazard is still free roaming to receive the ball just like what he was doing at LW, he switching positions left, right, and center and dropping deep to recieve the ball, he is still doing the same thing but getting more involved with the ball. Under Conte Hazard was never a false nine, Conte only used his strikers as a targetman.

This game needed physically strong players that push Leicester city's strong defenders away which is why giroud and RLC came on quickly in the second half.

Mark Lewis says:

Isco is more naturally talented than Ronaldo but he isn't better or more effective than Ronaldo

Mark Lewis says:

I get it what you are saying that Hazard is more talented than Ronaldo but he is not more effective overall.

Mark Lewis says:

This Chelsea team is not making the top 4

Mark Lewis says:

Willian is average

Mark Lewis says:

Hazard is not better than Ronaldo sorry HH. Hazard can't even inspire his team to victory at home to Leicester.

David Umogbai says:

Excuses excuses, Chelsea lost simple

Andy Pandy says:


Munna Maz says:

and you are a fake. that's the conclusion.

Mohammed K. says:

Bench Willian and Alonso.. Hudson Odoi and Emerson in .. please uncle Sarri.

gnrgods says:

top 3 in the world in the Europa league for 5 consecutive season LOL

Pranab Kar says:

Hazard is top 3, stats should only define strikers bcz they r defined by the goals they score. the amount of things hazard does in a match with the players around him, he has to be in top 3. Dribbling, passing, creating chances you name it he does it.

Martin Yeboah says:

The whole team played trash but Willian and Alonso were worse players on field. Chelsea needs to get a striker in January is a must atm

Bri10 says:

Hazard isn't top 3, van Dijk is however

Moataz Metro says:

Liverpool play false nine not as much this year but they shown effective, the thing is you don't have great finishers like salah and mane to help you score goals

Nathan Kallarackal says:

Van Dijk transformed a defense that was viewed as a joke and he's not Tier 1 and Hazard who has had more than a few bad games is excused. You say that all of those who disagree with you are stat merchants or say that he doesn't have enough help if it was anyone else you would say that they're overhyped or this is why their not world class

Bryan Sevilla90 says:

Weren’t you saying that Hazard was the best player in the world? I don’t even remember the last time he scored. I predict 15 max for hazard.

untitled says:

I want to see some crosses in the box for giroud, i get that he's great at linking up but i still think he has 10-12 goals a season left in him.

Rise Anime says:

The excuse that hazard has bricks around him is just nonsense, ur making it seem like you have youth players around him, you have willian, giroud who you guys always rate when linking play, your midfield has Barkley who's a body, jorginho and Kante. Pedro who's on fire now so the 'brick' excuse can go

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