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Will Henson says:

The biggest trick play of the year was Louisville convincing people they were a championship contender

Tad Martinson says:

When the PE teacher says at least 3 people have to touch the ball before you can throw it to the endzone in flicker football.

Luke Morelli says:

Weird question how was the long snapper an eligible receiver on the last play?

Tom Perkins says:


Salvador Hernandez says:

Sec the best place to watch the best FB even Tennessee can beat Penn State

D. Rüesch says:

It sucks we won't see college football again til 2022. It sucks even more for the dudes who play.

Daniel McMasters says:

I love the big guy moments!

DougieFresh says:

If you watch college football, you know that Gus Malzahn is gonna be on here a couple of times

Caleb Clark says:

That long snapper for Hawaii deserves an award. Long ass snap.

Fawne Brown says:

A trick play video and you only show Boise State once! That just ain't right.

Mohs TryTooHard says:

Watching this after Daniel Carlson missed 3 field goals… should’ve ran it for the win

Joseph Bagert says:

Auburn stole that from LSU lol nice

Rylan Fowers says:

I love watching these

Super Salty Gaming says:

My favorite is by far 3:02. I’ve never seen a lineman used in a more innovative way, being used in a screen play through a lateral. That’s just so smart, with no eligible receivers on that side of the field, you leave it wide open.

ItzGriffster says:

I like this cause War Eagle.

Chad Waldron says:

Best trick play was the puntroosky.

Jessie J says:

Were was UGAS flea flicker

valtteri lahtinen says:

automatic russian complete crawl commander folk affect accommodate prohibit indicate.

Daniel says:

Incredible NFL plays. Especially one of the last ones. He uses his speed and awareness to get past the opposition and score a decisive touchdown.

Sam Bottum says:


twitch_guy02 says:


Dewanda Crumbley says:

lol smh Cornye West

VigEuth says:

Had to look up that last play with pass to the Center (snapper of the ball)….guess it's legal as he is on the "end" of the line and has proper jersey #.

Simon Reye says:

8:00 Wide receiver does nothing but call the TD once the QB gets the ball back

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