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Best trick plays from the 2017-18 college football season!

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stonefly69 says:

Kenny HIll for TCU was incredible (7:27) but his blockers looked like the 4 Stooges, without a single good block. Good for TCU that Hill was such an athlete!

Miguel Powelista says:

Beth Mowins voice = nails on the chalk board

Gavin Charron says:

Actual good content

Noah says:

Oklahoma did the Philly special before the eagles did it

Bet. says:

It’s nice to see the small teams on here that never get attention

Titus Tide says:

the way you clipped some ofthe vids to where you cant see the setup or hike at all…

Ron Marshalsea III says:

the audio transitions are chefs kiss beautiful

Abraham Lincoln says:


Tom Perkins says:

Wow! All those empty stadiums!

jle4 _ says:

The first play isn’t a trick play. That’s just KZ being KZ

Steven Adams says:

Lol people call it the Philly Special but Oklahoma did it in the Rose Bowl before the Eagles. And countless teams did it before Oklahoma too.

johnp 9779 says:

Baker Mayfield is a d bag.

Marshall Ray says:

Why does everyone run their trick plays against Virginia Tech?

Stephanie Millsap says:

First play wasn’t a trick play

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