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The best trick plays from the 2019-20 college football season! This compilation includes flea flickers, fake field goals, halfback passes, and much more!

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Intro Music 🎵: Ryan Little – Lucy’s Song

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Alex Floate says:

There is no such thing as a trick play, but there are plays the defense isn't ready for.

M Bot5 says:

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J Ski says:

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Joseph Coyo says:

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Chang Luckey says:

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Tom Peterson says:

bald anderson

Owen says:

Looks like Oklahoma took a few cues from the Boise St playbook..

Kevin Carden says:

Tennessee sux roll tide

Игорь Рудницкий says:

Interesting video, one can have himself a game "Try to find acting NFL player"

Rossi Hall says:

I'm not an NDSU fan but they deserve to be in the FBS

Marcusf250 says:

It’s mostly just flea flickers. meh

stonefly69 says:

5:45 Don't refs watch the game anymore? There were four lineman downfield past the line of scrimmage when the QB threw the short touchdown pass. No flags??? Pathetic refs.

tedd blackk says:

flea ficker, double reverse, and halfback passes are not tricks

Jordan Donahue says:

2:33 ngl I thought he dropped that ball😂

BuckeyeVR says:

6:31 the lamest call I have heard in a while. How did that guy get a job for ESPN?????

Camron Roberts says:

Who the fuck is Caleb and why is he so fast

Cliff Tappan says:

That’s right show that orange big and proud. GO Vols

Tammy Stevenson says:

Little did hurts know he would go to philli

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