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Comedy In Women's Football – Epic Fails, Bizarre, & Funny Bloopers…

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😂 Comedy in Women’s Football… Epic Fails, Bizarre, & Funny Bloopers
Thanks for 3k subs & counting! Comment down below what you want to see next!
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WF Comps says:

Big thanks for 3k subs! UEFA made me cut this video shorter than it originally was. If this video does well I will do an even better part two! I do have some ideas for videos, angry moments in football? USWNT playing dirty?

Angry Hooder lul says:

Jesus Christ I gotta an advertisement of women’s euro which of I never had even heard that women’s euros exist

nsr says:

That Man City own goal was beyond embarrassing for women's football. It's got a long, long way to go before it deserves even a fraction of the coverage it gets.

Max Szyslak says:

I seriously think female athletes deserve equal pay  in comparison to male athletes.

I would argue that its fair, because female athletes work twice as hard, since they put on both a comedy show and a foot ball match 😂

Den Denni says:

So stupid womens footbal omg ahaaa

Ian Baguio says:

This is funny asf not coordinated, stealing opportunities for team mates to take the goal thats why they lose and making noob mistakes are they even professionals? High Schoolers are better than them.

Vachulak says:

3 minutes and 31 seconds of woman moments

Eddie Icelander says:

I'm just glad to see you've made a same concept clip for the men's football too (of which there are plenty of samples!), otherwise all you had done here was to give the insecure misogynists a platform to gloat :/

Edit: Ok, so after browsing some comments I notice these people clearly (and predictably) still came here to gloat… but at least they can't claim this as a gender kind of thing.

Governatore93 says:

0:08 maguire would be proud

Der Falke says:

stay home and be safe

Thegawkgawk3000 • 33 years ago says:

Wasn't the first clip oofside?

megaroronoazorro says:

Equal pay? Meh

Chris Anderson says:


Roberto Piovaticci says:


CHS says:

Woman Football: Clown League

Knut Rosetten says:

The black girl who was angry over the water, she needs to calm down!

Knut Rosetten says:

"I do not have an arm…!" Yes, you have an arm, a right arm, that you took the ball with. And the left arm is a stump…but even if the left arm is a stump it can also be used to stop the ball…

VIỆTNAM🇻🇳 says:

" Female athletes should be paid as much as male ones" 🤡🤡

Marcinex says:

Is that thumbnail real? Please say it is

Insert creative username here Ò_Ô says:

The first match : THREE players of the SAME team FIGHTING for the ball to score like it's a kids soccer match and then fail an open goal. And people still think this is even slightly good

Adzriel Rafif lesmana says:

Di mana tempat manaigalana ilaihi ai saya meminang mu dengan uang ilahi bahwa sesuatu yang telah pergi tidak bisa kembali kemerdekaan Ukraina alaih Dimas Anggi Lesmana di emas ang gi Lesmana bukankah dia pernah berkata pada mu

akira says:

the sexist mfs in the comment section 💀

Alxz says:

0:11 these idiots

Be Realistic says:

Women's football is way better….
.than women comedians

ZEroツ says:

Bruh that’s so painful to watch

dreedo says:

women should pe paid for the great comedy they gave us in football men in football do mistakes too but they will never make me laugh as the women does

Jonathan Wellgnër says:

Hay que explicarle a la chica que no tiene mano, que el brazo también se cuenta como mano. Es hasta el hombro.
It would be necessary to explain to the girl who does not have a hand, that the arm is also counted as a hand. It is up to the shoulder.

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