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Savage Brick Sports says:

For everyone complaining in the comments, this is why I can't show video clips from outside US/Canada:

Mason Cragg says:

7:47 voice crack

Mecha Team Leader says:

7:46 on the last play of the gAme

Mega voice crack

Cant guard broboq says:

I can’t tell if the 1st is soccer or football

2.1.4 says:

I hate Canadian football

Dark Ultron says:

Why is sports only football baseball hockey and basketball. Where is golf tennis swimming soccer

Weed Will Rock You says:

10:57 Gene Belcher was a football commentator

Corey Loberg says:

The band is on the field!!!!!!!

trilliantgem x says:

2:24 he was out

AJ 21K says:

I guess Randy Johnson wasn't the only one to murder a bird.

Blake Corea says:

Hockey soccer and baseball are trash lol

breyanidk says:

I refuse to watch the nhl clips

Larry Sipe says:

omg you had the 07 Daytona 500 in here

WhizKid Interviews America. says:

When rugby meets football… punt battle!!!!!

BaileyVH#28 says:

“Craziest endings in sports” football 🏈 ✔️ baseball ⚾️ ✔️ hockey 🏒 ✔️ nascar 🚗 ✔️ soccer… ehh whatever. That’s stupid

BaileyVH#28 says:

Voice crack at 7:50 was 👍

Cocaroto says:

"The ball dont lie"

mincasj says:

The Michigan punt fumble will forever be a fantastic play to me. Michigan sucks

Chris Preston says:

Ahahaha Stanford Band you morons

Anthany De Sousa says:

7:44 and 7:46 voice cracks got me dead


That Michigan state game still haunts me to this day

Mourning Star says:

I've never seen a punt-fight before

dbacksfan2 says:

Fuck Canada

Filium says:

Canadian football is weird xD

lifebeginsat190 says:

whoa…Bradshaw's got a bullet

August Winegardner says:

1:21 wtf

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