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Craziest “Kneeling During National Anthem” Moments in Sports History
Players kneeling during national anthem… You decide if that’s right
Joshua 1:9



Lathan Your mom says:

Did the Kansas City Chiefs Neal they better not have nealing is bad for our flag.

S Wagner says:

The whole economics of the NFL protest is a 3/4 negative response. They disrespect our military, The families, the fans the Flag, the franchise and our ability to be United as citizens. Then to only get the small sub-group of SJW and Koolade Kolored Hair Marxist Feminist. Which do not spend money on the NFL. Bad economics.

Ian Forgione says:

Are u serious there only ding it cause there black your gonna sit here and complain about police brutality when your only here because of the people who protect u the armed forces could just say screw u and let u die who fights for are freedom are soldiers how bout I guys kneeling no we just play a sport exactly there stupid

Tpr Trihardbard says:

Sorry this may seem racist but black national anthem shouldn't even be called an anthem does not represent a nation.

Melissa Noelle says:

What grinds my gears is that now the NFL has end racism and other quotes on helmets but we shunned Kaepernick for taking a humbling position, a peaceful protest, during the national anthem. NFL needs to apologize to Kaepernick.

Braeden Macander says:

They get mad when we riot so we protest peacefully and then they still get mad what the hell do they want us to do?

Game Perfect says:

We are nearing for equal opportunity wen there on an all black team

LCSClips says:

I can’t stand when people kneel. You are kneeling before the fallen soldiers who have fought to keep your freedom and country safe. It’s an act of disrespect. And don’t give me that BLM crap.

Reiss Coole says:

How are you going to kneel during the anthem. You just look like an idiot kneeling

Aiken Hoffman says:

Wow this is complete bs I have no respect for these people no more and never will again

Mike Swinney says:

Americans stand up they dont kneel..hear the cause and not the place, duh…..

sneak says:

These people werent raised right

Tardisius says:

Kneelers disrespect The Flag & The Country…they belong in a toilet =)

Great Man says:

Have them show this “solidarity” in front of veterans with missing legs.

Robert Muszynski says:

What bothers me more than the silent kneeling and reflecting during the national anthem is the hateful people that are booing during the playing of the song. Can't people just be quiet for 3 minutes?

links felix says:

The United States is made up of so many different cultures races people are not going to be forced to except something they don’t believe in simple as that

barney’s hostage says:

Grow the hell up this country deserves more respect I wanna see you protect this counry

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